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Thursday, September 25, 2008

a week full of firsts

and it's only thursday!

the bean has been quite a busy little bee. observe:

scrambled egg. eggs are one of those tricky foods that doctors recommend waiting a year before trying, because so many people end up allergic to them. i bought some organic eggs, scrambled one up, and chopped it up into little pieces. it was hilarious watching her pick up a piece, squish it between her fingers, and finally give it a try. i'm thinking most of it ended up in her seat, smashed to bits, or dropped on the floor for the dog, but at least a little bit went in her mouth and landed in her belly.

cottage cheese. i tried mixing it with some applesauce to add some flavor to it, but she was NOT having any of it. i'd poke a half-full spoon of it in there, and she'd make this really disgusted face and pull cottage cheese curds out with her fingers and squish 'em. gross, but funny.

walking! on tuesday night, she was playing in the sunroom when i heard the teen squeal "moooooom! she walked! she took two steps!" i ran over from the kitchen and saw it for myself - hesitant, wobbly, slow - but man, was she proud of herself. she looked over, stopped mid-step, grinned like the cheshire cat and clapped her hands. ha!

i ran for the video camera, but of course, by the time i had it ready, she was over it. but trust me, it was awesome. she's been practicing a little more here and there, and i know that soon she'll be all over the place!

cold. boo! for the first time in her little life, the bean's battling a stuffed-up nose, and every time i hear her gasp for breath, i just want to pick her up and suck the snot out of her myself. she's constantly rubbing her nose, but of course, that doesn't help. and she makes funny faces like this.

poor baby.

rash! when she rejected that cottage cheese, i gave her a mini blueberry waffle, all chopped up in pieces. she enjoyed it much more than the egg and the cottage cheese, but now i'm wondering if she could be allergic to blueberries. because later that afternoon as i was changing her diaper, i noticed that little red bumps had sprung up on the backs of her legs. she didn't seem to be touching it, so i don't think they're itchy. but now i have to figure out if it's the egg (which i doubt, since it'd been a full day and a half since she'd eaten it), the cottage cheese, or the waffle. or, like my friend MB said, it could just be a coincidence. damn. i felt so bad, but i saw this morning that it seems to be clearing up quite nicely. i took pics to show the doctor, but i won't inflict 'em upon you.

i tried to take a few pictures yesterday for the holiday nest baby thing, but it proved to be somewhat challenging - she wasn't in the mood, and just wanted to come over and play with the strap dangling from the camera. oh, well. i sent over a few, but i'm anticipating having to do a re-take.

and now we're off to get more stuff put together for the big bash - her first birthday party.

yay for firsts! well, some of them, anyway.


  1. The pigtail picture is toooo adorable! And the sick face is just so pathetic and cute.

  2. I still prefer hair down + barrette!

    She looks like she's doing Tai Chi in the walking pic. So much concentration. Hysterical.

  3. i'm a big fan of the hair down pic as well... and what an adventure-filled day for the bean! awesome!

  4. Before you know it'll be time to invest in a professional photog for the bean's career! =) Feel better, bean!

  5. I have to say, as much as I love her pigtails, the hair down picture is really cute. Feel better, Bean! I'd love to see a video of her walking, tyvm.

  6. What an exciting week for you and the bean!

  7. Ummm...how do I get the picture of you sucking snot out of the bean's nose outta my head?

  8. Tell the bean I'm having a sympathy rash on her account. But not on my legs - on some place far more visible.

  9. So much going on for her! And you, Mom. ;) That walking pic is hilarious, BTW.

  10. love the green sweater. yay for food and walking!

  11. i was going to say she looks like she is doing karate, but close enough. ;)

    i prefer the picture with her hair down + barrettes. so dang cute!

  12. Oooh, I love the holiday outfit! SO cute!


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