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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

she's a maniac, maaaaaaaniac

on the floor. look:

yup, those are baby legwarmers she's wearing. sounds like a stupid idea, i know, but they do the trick for crawling around on a cold, not-so-pristine tile floor.

oh, and torturing the dog.

not to mention, they're funny. ha!


  1. The sole reason they are cute is that they are on your baby.

    Man, I love your baby.

  2. I admit it - I'm Pro Baby Leg Warmers. Despite the cheesiness factor, I think they're probably quite practical for the reasons you mentioned.

    And I think they're cute. ;)

    And I bought some girlie skull and crossbone ones for my friend's daughter.

    And I'm sure Em Dash will end up in some someday.

  3. I wish legwarmers were as cute on me as they are on the bean. My legs are not so cute.

  4. I think leg warmers are ready for a comeback ... :)

  5. I'm cracking up! Those are too funny.

  6. omg poor molly. but such a hilarious, cute photo.


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