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Friday, September 26, 2008

25 hours till bean birthday bash

i just finished putting together party favors for tomorrow's bean birthday bash.

the hub looked over last night at my mock-up, and in an incredulous tone, said "we're having favors? for her birthday party?"

the look i gave him stopped him in his tracks.

i did a trial run of the candy centerpieces i've been buying supplies for, and after posting it on the OC board for opinions, ended up making an IKEA run with the teen after picking her up from school yesterday. i managed to find the very same vases used in my inspiration pic, and cheap! whee! and while i'm still not 100% satisfied with the results, they're going to have to do. oy.

i realize that i'm sounding like a ridiculous, anal, freakish partyzilla about all of this stuff, but that's just the way i roll. i love putting all the personal touches into our parties, and with this being the bean's first birthday, i want it to be special.

and today is all about picking up everything else - drinks, snacks, blowing up balloons (the venue doesn't allow helium, so we're having to improvise), and finishing up those centerpieces. i've got a few other ideas that might help in getting them where i really want them to be. heh.

we're even going to have pro pics! well, sort of. the photographer i'd contacted via craigslist who advertised free services to build up his portfolio is going to be there after all, and i'm looking forward to getting some good pictures of it all. the hub, upon seeing the venue for the party, expressed major doubts about it coming together and looking purty - and so i'm itching to prove his negative nellie ass wrong.

wish me luck.


  1. i realize that i'm sounding like a ridiculous, anal, freakish partyzilla about all of this stuff

    And that is why we love you.

  2. Good luck!!! It's going to be freaking awesome -- and I'm so glad you'll have some amazing pics to prove it. :) Can't wait to see them!

  3. How fun! I agree, I enjoy how very different you are from me. It's what makes reading your blog interested so keep on being the crazy partyzilla that you are.

    Is her actual bday tomorrow? If so, we'd have the same bday :)

  4. This is going to be one helleva 1st birthday party :) Can't wait to see the pro / weemo pics!

  5. I have no doubt in your abilities to shut negative nellie up. ;)

  6. she's only going to have one first birthday, I don't think you're going overboard at all.

  7. I'd expect nothing less from you, crazy mama. =) Can't wait to see pics!

  8. I can't even imagine what you were like when you planned your wedding.

    looks like the party turned out fabulously;)


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