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Friday, September 5, 2008


okay, so i was way overdue for a visit to my friend rochelle. my shit was looking downright shaggy. and i looked at all sorts of fun pictures of short 'dos online before i gave up and decided to just let her figure something out for me. that's a whole lot of trust, yo - it's hard as all hell to find a stylist you trust enough to do that with.

and as the teen and the bean sat there watching, i relaxed in the chair and let rochelle go to town. i'd kind of grown attached to some of the length on the sides, but wasn't opposed to some change. as much as i loved this cut in the beginning, i was getting a little tired of it, not to mention that i saw heffas rockin' it everywhere i went. i wanted to break free from the herd, you know?

so i watched her clip, comb, cut, cut, cut, and cut some more. i saw a crapload of hair falling to the ground (i didn't even know i had that much hair to begin with). and as she blow-dried, did her famous "haircut after the haircut," and then threw on some product, i was really digging the new cut. it's shorter than i'm used to, and there were a few bang-ish pieces (i hate bangs, i always regret it when i get them, so i've learned not to give in to that temptation anymore), but it was cool - i was a rock starrr-ah!

the hub didn't even really notice much of a difference, although the teen and i were both a little in shock at the sight of it. and when i woke up this morning, all the shorter layers in the back were sticking straight up, so i decided to wash it and see how well i could do it on my own.

and now...i'm not so sure i dig it as much as i did last night. yeah, a professional stylist always does way better than i do at home, and of course it'll grow back (and fast!), but i'm on the fence now.


and after:

[deep breath]

okay. lemme have it.



  1. I can't even believe you are doubting your fab new 'do.

    go see a shrink, now.

  2. What's wrong with you? It's SO CUTE!! (If it wasn't, I wouldn't have commented, seriously)

  3. I am completely honest when people cut their hair short. Some peeps just don't look right, but I honestly think it looks great on you! Seriously chic!

  4. It's not bad.
    But I do like the before better.

  5. I think both looks are equally good.

    It's a pretty cute style. I like it! :)

  6. it looks great i like that you try out new looks, it looks young and fresh

  7. I also think it looks fabulous! That style doesnt look good on just anyone... you totally pull it off!!! Its cute enough that I wanted to comment and tell you!!!

  8. i'm diggin' it! especially with the fact that the heat isn't going to let up for another month or so, i think you'lll appreciate the short length :)

  9. oooh! I like it! It looks great on you. Seriously. And I don't even know you IRL. ;) You can totally rock that do'.

  10. LOL, you crack my shit up.

    I think it looks great! Seriously really honestly. Totally suits you. You could also sport a cute headband with that style.

    Honestly, the previous style is so played out right now. Kudos for having the balls to try something new.

  11. you know what? i really, really like it. it's not as sleek, which suits you well, but it's rocker, which is pretty awesome and a fun foray from what you had. i bet after a couple days you'll be stylin' that do no problem.
    it kinda looks like the kind of hairdo that's better undone. just some hair gunk, a little scrunch, and done. that's how the rock chicks do it, anyway.

  12. this reminds me i need to get a trim, although i am now growing it out into a more grad school friendly length (aka ponytails possible).

    anyway, looks good! i do prefer the old cut on you (not the before here, the polished old cut ;)), but this doesn't look bad at all. just different. :)

  13. Looks Awesome!

    Not gonna lie though, I like it a little longer.

    Shut up...I'm cutting it soon, I swear!

  14. Ok I'm going to be the mean one . . . I like the longer version. I recently got suckered into getting bangs too and now I can't even go outside.

  15. I think it looks great. I can't see the offending back side though so I'm only giving you a half opinion. :)


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