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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

whiny ass typical wan-nabe stage mom

(by the way, i'm over yesterday's annoyance. i found pink & white swirly lollipops, and they're bubble gum flavored! so way better than that pink lemonade business.)

i forgot that i promised to tell a story the other day, and didn't come through. although now i'm thinking about it and it's probably not as amusing as i originally thought it was, but whatever. i'll tell that shit anyway.

okay, so you remember the whole
"face of the nest baby" contest hubbub, right? the hours of f5-ing and clicking, resulting in triumph for the bean? i clicked on the store site constantly over the three months that her little face was featured on it, and then promptly forgot all about it.
but then, a few weeks ago, i remembered that the nest publishes its own magazine, and it occurred to me that the bean might actually be featured in print. after all, it wasn't a huge stretch of the imagination to think that the nest baby shop would have some sort of advertisement in their own publication, yes? so i started scouring every store in my area that carried magazines, looking for the current issue.

with no luck.

i ended up going directly to the website and ordering the damn thing, along with some adorable jammies on clearance for the upcoming cooler months (that's a little backwards, but for $4.99 including free personalization, i wasn't complaining). and when the box arrived, i tore right into it and excitedly thumbed through the issue. summer issue, summer "face of the nest baby shop," or at least that's what i figured.

and of course, i figured wrong. instead, smiling up at me from the pages of the magazine was the winner of the spring contest. i read through the rest of it, chuckling at the inclusion of a quote and a picture of my friend diame, and figured she'd be in the next issue.

i posted about it on the
OC board, and then was pretty bummed to hear from one of the girls that she'd already received the newest copy of the magazine, sans bean. oh, no, instead, the winner of the fall contest was featured in the nest baby shop ad.

the outrage!
i puffed up with indignation, went hunting for an email address (or two. well, maybe three) to contact, and then was distracted by a phone call. i forgot all about it until another week later, and decided to send an e-mail. i didn't really know what kind of resolution i was looking for, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to speak up and find out why my precious little itty-bitty bean was left out in the cold. again, i forgot about it until the next morning, when i opened my e-mail to find this:

Hi Wan-naBe,

Thank you for contacting me. I am so very sorry that [bean] was not featured in the Summer ’08 issue and am glad you brought it to our attention. It was definitely not an intentional oversight and was the result of some internal miscommunication that we truly apologize for. It has been discussed and [bean] will definitely be featured in the Spring 2009 issue.

Since the spring issue will of course not be published for some time, we would love to feature [bean] (with your permission) as our holiday baby on The Nest Baby Shop website. This would run throughout the entire holiday season, so we would just need a holiday/winter-appropriate picture, if possible. She could even just be wearing a long-sleeved red shirt, or something along those lines.

Please let me know if this is okay by you, and send me the picture whenever you’re able to take it. Again, I apologize on behalf of everyone here at The Bump and The Nest for making such an error.

Take care,

[nest employee]

tee hee! this squeaky wheel got the holiday feature. and so my mission today is to dress the bean up in the adorable green sweater i bought her at baby gap (because, of course, the blazer and skinny jeans don't exactly scream "holiday") and snap a handful of pics to choose from.

now, the big dilemma: hair up in pigtails, or down with a headband or barrette?

decisions, decisions.


  1. I love this story on so many levels. =) I'm partial to the pigtails, as you can only wear them until a certain age. I think the bean should milk the pigtails for all its worth.

  2. I'm sure the green sweater is adorable but maybe you should take one in a frilly dress, too? You kow the ones: with velvet and miles of ruffles? I say you should at the very least take shots with her hair up and in the headband. Let them choose. The more variety you give them, the more versatile she'll look and then they might want to feature her cuteness in other campaigns! If you took the mdeling thing seriously, you could have college paid for by the time she is four and then you cold quit. The Bean IS awfully cute!

  3. You know I love pigtails (on kids).

    And, you rock as a mom.

  4. YAY! for standing up for the bean.

    Another pigtails vote :) Although I'm sure it will take a lot more work on your part making sure they are even.

  5. I've always thought she looks cutest with hair down with a barrette.

  6. Pigtails. Most def.

    And you are one amazing mom.
    And a wee bit crazy.

  7. Pig Tails! Love 'em! Although I do agree that sending them a few to choose from won't hurt.

  8. my goodness she is CUTE!! What a sweet face, I vote pigtails!

  9. Side part, pulled to the side with a *small* clip/barette.

  10. I want you to be my mommy! And I agree with providing the nest lots of variety... The more pictures they have, the more they can print and put online!

  11. You are fantastic. Major score!

    I vote pigtails. So adorable!

  12. You are such an AW! ;) I heart pig tails and think a red head band might be very holiday. Send lots of pics...you can't lose! Even better if you send pics of her wearing items from their shop.

  13. Omg, I LOVE this story! And, I am so excited she's the holiday baby! SO cool!


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