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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

brown sugar brie, bean pics, birthdays

i found a recipe for the brown sugar brie appetizer here. whee!

so guess what we'll be having tonight, along with a nice big salad with grilled chicken? mmmmm. in fact, i got all domestic and made a grocery list, clipped coupons, and planned out dinners for the rest of the week. i was all proud of myself and e-mailed the hub to tell him that he actually DOES have a real wife after all. heh.

and while he was, in fact, proud of my efforts, he reminded me that i didn't need to plan for one of the nights this week, since he's taking me out for birthday princess dinner. amazingly, i'd actually forgotten about it! hahahahaha! further proof that i truly am getting old and crotchety.

i went a little camera-crazy with the bean this weekend. look:



inspecting those weird things that are stuck on her feet.

throwing me a bone, and showing me those teeth.

striking her best supermodel pose.

torturing poor mollydog.

practicing that standing thing.

lastly, the teen called yesterday when school let out.

"mom, can i come by to pick something up?"
"sure, of course, we'll be happy to see you." (she's with her dad this week)
"oh, cool! tomorrow is nick jonas' birthday and i left my "i [heart] nick" top in my closet. i need to have it so i can wear it all day tomorrow."

oy. and in the background, i hear a couple of guys shouting out "oh my god, are you SERIOUS??" "you're such a freak!" "can somebody say obsession?" and she mumbles "hold on, mom" and shouts out "shut UP! i love him. he needs to know that i'm thinking about him on his birthday."

holy mother of cheese, she cracks me up.


  1. Thanks for the recipe! I'm definitely going to try it.

    I'm LOVING that flowery top on the bean.

  2. I love this post for so many reasons...

  3. Love the bean's knee pads. Also, the teen's puppy love for Nick Jonas cracks me up!

  4. she's getting so big!! Tell the teen that Mr. Shorty dressed Nick J for the VMA's. Yup, he picked out the suit he was wearing~I'm sure she knows which one!

  5. You know, the older Bean gets, the more she starts to look like you! I'm thinking of adding some candied walnuts on top of that brie...

  6. The bean looks fierce! The teen cracks me up.

  7. oh man, that brie looks like heaven on a plate.

    uh, those are interesting knee pad thingies. I get why she should wear them though!

    and you are a better wife than me - I only plan the first two or three days of the week then say eff it, it's freezer time!

  8. Oooh, I'm stealing the recipe!

    The bean is so freaking adorable. Honestly. She is such a cutie!

    And the teen is such a teen. It's wonderful!

  9. mmm. i have everything except the brie.

    oh dear to the jobro obsession.


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