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Monday, September 8, 2008

the bean stands!

check it out:

yeah, i could literally make a flip book with the pictures i took of her getting up on those two feet.

she hasn't gotten brave enough to take a step yet, but she uses those muscles to push herself up into a standing position without holding on to anything. she lasts for about 4.7 seconds before she falls onto her ass. and she's so proud of herself, she practices every chance she gets. ha!

here's a couple of fun shots i got of her this weekend, too.

mah baby! oh, she's just growing so fast. next thing i know, she'll be bringing home some boy. oy vey.


  1. dude! she looks like she is concentrating so hard!

  2. wow! just in time for her big bday!! go, bean!!

  3. I am oddly excited about this.
    I know.
    Surprises me, too.

  4. The Bean is going mobile! Watch out, world!

  5. Cool shopping cover on the side! Anyway, yes I can' wait to have this girl so I can put her in dresses!!

  6. Holy crap! She'll be walking and running in no time.

  7. SO CUTE! She specially looks like her big sis in the last pic!

  8. I'm so OA - I got choked up with that foursome series of her standing. wth! I want to borrow her! Hee hee!


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