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Friday, December 19, 2008

friday FAILs.

so yeah, it's the friday before christmas and all sorts of shit ain't going right. ugh.
  • i made some oatmeal for the bean and me to share for breakfast this morning. this is only the second time i've made this particular brand, and yesterday's offering was lukewarm and watery, so i decreased the water and increased the cooking time. of course, i ended up with a congealed turd of hot cereal that went straight into the trash. FAIL.
  • as i dropped the teen off her last day of school before winter break, we realized we'd forgotten to pick up the packets of hot chocolate that one of her teachers asked the class to bring in to sip while she taught. i was able to get the hub to drop it off, but still. FAIL.
  • lilcee asked me to make a couple of christmas cards for her, which i gladly did. i finished them last night, but after i'd dropped them off with her, i realized that i forgot to take pictures of them. FAIL.
  • when i got to lilcee's office building (which i'd never visited before), i ran in, peeked into the first open door i saw, and waved happily at the girl sitting at the desk on the phone. sadly for me, it wasn't lilcee. i turned tail and ran right outta there. FAIL.
  • there's a new cupcakery that i wanted to check out nearby, but when we got in the area, i turned around and realized that the bean was out like a light. no cupcakes for us! FAIL.
  • so i drove like a freaking grandma towards our next stop. a couple of weeks ago, i'd seen the perfect stocking stuffer for the teen at sephora - the "lash stash," a box of ten trial-sized mascaras, all by really cool brands that she'd totally dig. and being the true procrastinator, i walked out without buying it, thinking i'd get it later. well, later was today, and of course, they're all out of stock - in-store AND online. FAIL.
  • at the ripe old age of 14.5 months, the bean is experiencing her very first diaper rash. her poor little nether regions are an angry red, it looks so sad and painful, and she cries pitifully when i slater her oh-so-carefully with the butt paste. FAIL.
  • i picked up the mail today and found that the christmas card i'd mailed to my sister and mista sista had been returned, marked "undeliverable." ugh. i sent it to the same address i've been using for them for the last year or so! stupid post office. now i wonder if they've been receiving our thank-you notes for gifts. great. now i look like an ungrateful wench with no holiday spirit. FAIL. (update: i e-mailed her and she confirmed the address AND their receipt of the thank-you notes. whew!)
  • we've decided to join the crazies on colorado boulevard this NYE and camp out for the rose parade. the teen's never done this, and so the hub and i thought it might be fun for her to grab BFF and see what it's like to party all night in the freezing cold. ha! anyway, i finally remembered to call about finding reserved overnight parking, and when i got through and asked my question, my trusty iPhone dropped the call just as she was giving me the answer. FAIL.
on the bright side, lilcee gifted me with these:

so fun! the teen's SO gonna want to make cookies when she gets home and gets a gander at these. and i sure won't stand in her way.

plus, i have a fun-filled weekend to look forward to. so hopefully, friday FAIL will turn into weekend WIN!

that was lame, but you get my point.


  1. Things can only improve from here, right? I completely failed on getting the mini lash stash too. Except it would have been for myself and not a teenager. :-/ Fail.

  2. I am most amused by the mistaken identity.





  3. Sorry to hear about your Friday Fail day. The good news is tomorrow's a new day :) My favorite part about your post is your tag :)

  4. Dont forget to let her bootie air out a little before the new diaper and if butt paste doesnt work, try desitin or a tiny bit of lotrimin :) You know I have mad diaper rash skills!!

    On a different note, where the hell is my card?!

  5. Feelin your pain but I love this post!

  6. oh. em. gee. so hilarious that it wasn't cee. so jealous of those cookie cutters.

    i use butt paste on bug bites. it helps the itch.

  7. hopefully your weekend is better than your friday!

  8. Ditto MommyBelle, air out the Bean for awhile if you can. That mascara set sounds awesome BTW :(

  9. I'm happy that someone else can share how it feels to get FAILed multiple times in one day. Let's hug.

  10. Things will turn around -- but days like that suck! At least you got some cute cookie cutters. :)

  11. My boss and friend loved the cards. I really didn't want to give them out.

    I forgot to take picture of the cards. Fail.

  12. Oh man. I wanted to pat your head after reading about your Friday. Then I laughed at your failed wave again. That shit was funny. :)

  13. "congealed turd of hot cereal"

    this made me literally lol!

  14. OMG, you're gonna do the Rose Parade? Crazy girl. I wish you luck and sanity.

  15. My overactive imagination thought that you were gonna say that when you got to the cupcake place, you realized that you'd left the bean with Cee.

    Crazy, I know.


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