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Thursday, December 4, 2008

no twirling just yet.

what a difference three years makes.

and three years ago right now, i was sitting in a lovely room at the four seasons in maui, enjoying room service breakfast with my bridal party, and getting ready to head downstairs for my mani/pedi. ah, the memories. and the time has absolutely flown by. after all, you know what they say about having fun!

i don't actually know who "they" is. and i always thought that was stupid. but i digress.

words cannot express how full and happy my life is now. i married the most perfectest man for me - notice i didn't say that he's perfect, because no one is, but he sure is a fabulous, thoughtful, generous, and loving husband. i've mentioned this before, but he's just so good with the teen and the bean, and i love when he says that he has TWO daughters, not just one.

we started out the day by going to breakfast with the bean, after sleeping in a bit. lovely. and as i was strapping her into her car seat, i heard him call my name, and i turned around to find a deliveryperson holding this out to me:

so pretty! whenever he sends me roses, i think of our six-month dating anniversary, when he sent me a hundred red roses that were delivered to my office. that was quite a scene - and i remember one of the guys, married for 20+ years, exclaim "holy shit! six months? how the hell is he ever gonna top that later on?"

but he has. and continues to. every day. with no signs of stopping.

we'll head out to dinner tonight as a family, although we still don't know where. and the teen totally wants us to all wear our wedding gear, no matter where we go. somehow i doubt that'll fly, but you know i've already pulled the white garment bag out of the back of the closet.

after all, i have a promise to keep. and i don't know how much different this twirl will be, but it'll be great - no matter what.

today is a good day!


  1. what a happy day!!! Your post was so sweet...brought a tear to my eye :)

  2. Awww. Happy Anniversary to all of you. So, so sweet! *standing by for twirl-a-vision* Hey, you know it'd be cool if the teen busted a twirl of her own this year. ;)

    Oh, and I totally know what you mean about claiming the kid. It's something I just can't explain but you know that. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary :) Hope you have a great night.

  4. Congrats! I LOLed at your twirling :) Have a great family fun night tonight!

  5. Happy Wan-niversary!

    This is such a sweet post. He's definitely a keeper.

    I can't wait till tomorrow's post.

  6. Happy anniversary! I am still waiting for that twirl video. I'll be waaaaaitinggggg :)

  7. 100 roses?!?!? holy shit! ;)

    happy anniversary!

  8. Happy anniversary! Can't wait to see the twirling. :-)

  9. I'm either hormonal or the rum is really getting to me, but this post made me cry. Happy Anniversary!

  10. What a sweet post!!! Congratulations.

  11. Happy Wan-niversary!

    Love your family pictures, they are too cute!


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