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Monday, December 8, 2008

i'm spent.

it's 5:15, and i just got home. i've been gone since 9:30 this morning - running errands, dropping off lunch for the teen, lunching and shopping with MommyBelle & co., and a bit more shopping after waiting out the bean's nap (sitting in the target parking lot, no less). oy. and when i pulled up, there was a crapload of packages waiting on my doorstep. WTF? i don't even remember ordering more than one item from amazon.

i have a fun weekend recap to post, but i lack the energy at the moment. i do, however, have a couple of fun videos to show off . i warn you now, these are most likely clips that will only be appreciated by baby lovers and moms who remember what it's like to be proud of every teeny-tiny, itty-bitty little thing that their precious offspring does.

i've been trying to teach the bean some very basic "baby signs," like the ones for "milk" and "more," although she hasn't seemed particularly interested. i must admit that i haven't been particularly diligent about it, either. heh. and then last night, i was eating some ice cream (darn you, nanners, for turning me on to this wonderful stuff), and she came over to have a bite. shut up, it's dairy.

after she'd gobbled down the bite i gave her, she came over and i said "oh! do you want some more?" and she put her little hands together in the sign for "more"! i thought perhaps it might have been a fluke, but when she came back for another round of ice cream, she did it again.

so. stinking. excited. yeah, it seems silly and not like a huge deal, but i was pretty darn proud of my little sweet pea.

and if you can stand it, i've got another video (this one's a little longer - 30ish seconds you'll never, ever get back).

in case you're wondering, we were watching "wedding crashers." i wasn't taking wan-niversary week too far or anything.

ohhh, my feet hurt. i think i'll go prop 'em up on the couch and relax for a bit.


  1. so so cute! I love the hee hee hee noise she makes in the second video, my little sister used to make that noise. And if I was a mom, I'd be excited about the "more" sign too!!

  2. the signing is impressive!

    [sorry, no patience to watch the 2nd video]

  3. LOVE the signing. i mean come on. your kid's a genius. also, that second one? is she saying hello???? that's a hard one with the l's!

  4. i was just defending you and telling my husband that you were probably watching your wedding video because of your anniversary.


    Cute videos! Even warms up this baby-hater's heart.

  5. I am anti-baby signing but that was pretty damn cute.

  6. I don't fully get the baby signing - but there are a lot of things about parenting I don't get. Which is a good thing considering the husband watched the last video and SWORE the Bean was saying "asshole" instead of hello. No kids for us yet.

  7. i couldn't get the lilmiss to sign despite all her peers around her doing it and so i'm not going to bother with the baby. D'oh! love the say she says "hello" too cute!

  8. That ice cream should come with a warning, shouldn't it? And I'm very impresses with the signing!

  9. whoa. boss' kid used to creep me out when she signed. so much cuter when done by the bean.


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