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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stuff i'm loving right now

  • starbucks' toasted marshmallow latte. sadly, this is only available at starbucks cafes located in some barnes & noble stores, but lucky me - i have one only five minutes away from home! yay me!

  • the bean's new mush lounger. this thing is like a bean bag chair, only even more comfy. and it's even got a vibrating massage feature. i sure wish it came in bigger sizes. she thinks it's pretty fun to sit on while she watches mickey mouse clubhouse or handy manny, and i found that it makes a perfect little bed for naps. and i even put her down in it when she conked out after her bath last night. awe.some.

  • old navy. my snobby ass usually turns my nose up at this store, but even i can't knock $8 tops for casual wear. most of the time, i'm kickin' it at home anyway, and i sure don't need fancy designer duds for that. the bean's day-to-day playwear is from ON, too. we both win!
  • when i'm being bad and need my mickey d's fix, i've found a great menu item that the bean can have without being as unhealthy as her mom. i just order a snack wrap with grilled chicken and no sauce, and then i just hand her pieces of the meat. she digs chicken.
  • the weather! thank god, mother nature has finally realized that it's freaking december - we've even been turning the heater on at night, it's been so frigid (well, for soCA, anyway). i'm looking forward to next week, when it's forecasted to be in the mid-50s during the day, and i can bust out a sweater. AND a scarf! maybe. i warm up pretty quickly. we'll see how that works out. but anyway, whee!
  • britney spears. her new CD, "circus," is on my christmas wish list. i've always been a fan, although even i thought she'd loaded up on the crazy for a while there. poor thing. anyway, she looks fabulous, and i'm happy to see that she's making quite a successful comeback. and whether you're willing to admit it or not, you love "womanizer." come on! it's only got about 12 words in the lyrics, and it's catchy as hell. womanizer, woman-womanizer, you're a womanizer. oh, womanizer, oh, you're a womanizer baby. mm-hmm. you can thank me later.
  • the holidays! it's taken me a while to get into the spirit the last few years, but it's hitting me now, as i work on christmas cards and rejoice in the no-gifts pact that we've made with a bunch of folks we usually buy for. that last bit sounds rather opposite of the holiday spirit, but it's true. maybe that's part of why it's been easier to be excited for the holiday - i can focus on the cheeriness and love that it usually brings. i'm a little sad for our tree, which will be a bit naked without a grip o'gifts underneath it, but that's okay. AND maybe i'll be able to avoid the post-holiday letdown that always hits. bonus!
  • candy cane joe-joes. yes, still.
that's all i got for now.


  1. That is one fetching outfit on The Bean. ;)

  2. I love the pink Paul Frank outfit! So adorable.

  3. I want a big person lounger w/ a massager.

    You, you, you are
    You, you, you are
    Womanizer, womanizer

    shhh, I secretly want the CD too.

  4. Toasted marshmallows: YUM!!!!!

    My little brother slept in a bean bag all the time as a baby.

    My husband loves Womanizer. The punk rocker. Hilarious.

  5. gah, now I have that song stuck in my head!

    happy holidays;)

  6. I love that CD...and totally want a grown up lounger

  7. I'm going through an Old Navy phase right now too. I'm LOVING my little striped slippers I wear everywhere.

  8. The Bean looks so cozy!

    Seriously, I have that Britney CD and that song is so freakin' catchy! In fact, students are singing it in class and I totally can't get mad because it just sticks in your head - I know they can't help it when it's in my head too :) I can't wait for the concert!!!

  9. If it wouldn't be borderline creepy of me, I'd put that picture of the bean in that chair thing in my sig bc it's too damned funny cute! I also want to say I love your list. I personally agree that there are a lot of ways you can celebrate the Christmas spirit without really making it super material. Joy!

  10. I hate all you assholes who just posted lyrics to Womanizer. Just when I got it out of my head...


  11. candy cane joe joe's! have you tried the chocolate-covered ones?

  12. The bean on her bag is cracking me up pretty good over here.

    I want toasted marshmallows.

    I want Womanizer to leave my head. Now.

  13. * i'm too enamored with the signature hot cocoa to branch out and try something new. and i'm not even looking at the calorie count b/c the eating healthy/exercising kick doesn't start for me til january. ha!

    * <3 womanizer <3

    * i'm digging the colder temps, but damn! it was 40 degrees at the casa this morning. brrrr!


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