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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

random after-christmas stuff

it is SO much fun watching my girls play with all their christmas loot. we spent most of the day after christmas assembling and playing and chillin'.

brother wan bought the bean the fisher price learning home, which is really cute. it's not too big, and yet it has enough toys and activities to keep her occupied for a good long stretch of time.

for some unknown reason, the teen really, really wanted one of those balls with a handle that you sit and bounce around on. and, also for some unknown reason, there were none of these damn things to be found anywhere. or so i thought.

turns out that her dad managed to find one and gave it to her for christmas. she named it "frank" and brought it home to share with the bean, who thinks it's hilarious.

we had in-n-out for lunch. mmmmm, double-double.

the bean is picking up on all sorts of fun new tricks. in addition to learning how to sign "more," she's learned the sign for "milk," will show you her eyes, nose, and tongue on command, and will hold up one little finger when you ask her how old she is. and i SWEAR she said "mommy" yesterday morning. the teen heard it too, so i know i'm not making it up. it cracks me up to think about how i'm DYING to hear her say it, and yet in a year i know i'll be hearing nothing but "mommy, can i have a cookie?" or "mommy, why can't i have another cookie?" or "mommy, you're MEAN!" i can't wait.

i keep having all these weird dreams about our upcoming rose parade extravaganza. the latest one found us scoring on the perfect spot on colorado boulevard - wearing nothing but our t-shirts and jeans. no jackets, sweaters, sleeping bags, blankets - nothing. i think i'm more wary about this whole thing than i'm willing to admit. i just wonder how we'll manage to get there at noon and kick it on the sidewalk for hours and hours -
WITH the bean.



  1. Are you sure you can't have someone (e.g. in-laws) bring the Bean to you just before the parade? I'm just thinking, much easier for all of you. Perhaps auntie Monkey will volunteer :)

  2. Auntie Monkey is out of commission. She will be at the Rose Bowl at 8 a.m.

  3. Maybe you can pack up that play house to keep her company. It's gonna be rough, but I hope you have a better experience than I'm expecting. Or at least the end result is worth it.

    "Frank" kills me.

  4. hugs for tonight. I still think you are crazy. ;)

  5. We got those bouncy balls for the niece and nephew about 2 years ago....that would make them 3 and 6.......


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