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Thursday, December 11, 2008

more stuff i'm digging

i forgot a few things in yesterday's list!
  • lash blast mascara. i've tried a shitton of eyelash enhancers, ranging from high-priced, upscale department store brands (like dior, lancome, etc.) to the cheapest of the cheap drugstore brands, and lash blast is the absolute best one of 'em all. the brush finds each and every little eyelash, and the "very black" color is rad. love.

  • spam singles! i love spam almost as much as i love bacon. but i'm pretty much the only one in the house who eats it. so when i open a can of it, i end up wolfing down the entire thing all by my lonesome (not in one sitting though, that would be gross). so when i found these fabulous little packets that contain one perfect serving of my most favorite Special PArts of Meat, i was elated. ELATED!

  • brad pitt is still the sexiest celeb alive (i say "celeb" because, of course, the hub is the sexiest MAN alive for me). come on, look at that face! [swoon] and the previews for his upcoming movie, "the curious case of benjamin button," were quite intriguing. a man born at the age of 70-ish, who only gets younger as time marches on? interesante. i learned that the movie was based on a short story written by f. scott fitzgerald, and found a link to it online. i got through it pretty quickly, and now i really want to see it. the story made me sad, but that's what good movies are made of!

  • i finished our christmas cards. phew! i got through all 90 of them, printed the addresses on the envelopes, and did all the stuffing, sealing, and stamping last night. they're stacked neatly on my desk, all ready to go. whee!

  • gymboree. they've got the entire store on sale, and i scored on this adorable dress for the bean to wear on christmas.

    i found these boots, too, which would have been so perfect with the dress, but sadly, it was not to be. they only had one size left, and it was a size too small for the bean's chunky ass, wide puppies. sadness. we'll have to settle for white tights and black mary janes.

speaking of gymboree, we're finally advancing to level 3 classes today. it's about stinking time - the cutoff for level 2 was 10 months. yeah. luckily for us, there were other kids the bean's age there, simply because the scheduling for level 3 classes sucked butt. so they created a new class, just for us. yay! i hope there are kids there that we know. that always makes it better.

ooh, one more thing:
  • going to dim sum with mi mama on saturday! yum! it'll be nice to have some bonding time with her and the girls, and you know delicious eats always makes things even better. can't wait!
i really should weigh about a trillion pounds by now.


  1. Special PArts of Meat. epic. i love you. amazing. hahahahahaha. ps. the new outfit is waaay cute. are you guys gonna be around for the holidays though?

  2. I also love Lash Discovery by Maybeline, maybe she's born w/ it.

    I think the bean needs a pair of uggs instead.

    Holy crap, individual wrapped spam? I want it.

  3. I seriously hate you re: eating-weight correlation topic.

    I think the bean needs a pair of uggs too! While I'm entirely against adults who wear uggs outside of their homes (sorry, everyone), I love kids in those boots. Kids can get away with a lot in my opinion.

  4. I am

    ...going to buy that mascara today. I've been on a 15 year search for the perfect one. Crossing my fingers that this is it!

    ...loving the little holiday dress from Gymboree. I can't wait to see pics of the Bean in all her Christmas glory.

    ...not really loving those fur boots, so I'm not too sad you didn't get them. I think she'd sort of look like a mini white Chewbaca.

    ...confused as to why eating a whole can of spam in one sitting is gross. ???

  5. 1)I should try last blash. Right now I'm all about the Lancome.
    2)You MUST read "Confessions of Max Tivoli" MUST

  6. BLINC makes and awesome mascara...it tubes your lashes in stead of paints them...I'm telling you, AWESOME!

  7. I think I saw a girl with those boots on today.

    you must go see burn after reading - brad is very yummy in that movie! and clooney is in it, too. bonus!

  8. love the mascara.
    love the spam singles. must get some (dang non-filipinos and non-koreans all hate. wtf.)

    the boots remind me of mr. sasquatch. sorry. :P

  9. Spam lovers unite!

    I wasn't aware of the Spam Singles, and am now SO excited to go to the grocery store and pick some up.

  10. I just started using that mascara. I like it so far. Lash twinsies! ;)

    Spam grosses me out. It's not "Special PArts" it's extra parts. Ew.

    Looking forward to pics of bean in her holiday gear.

    Why don't you weigh a million pounds? What's your secret??

  11. while i'd like to see benjamin button, i've never been a brad pitt lover. meh. he's all yours ;)

    the gymboree dress is too cute. <3

  12. I'm sorry, even I can't relate to your love of SPAM and, admittedly, B. Pitt. *hurl* I'm also crying that you didn't get those go-go-esque boots for the Bean but the cuteness of the dress makes up for it. Weee! And thanks for the lash rec - don't hate me when I email you for the name of it when I'm at CVS. How did you know I'm in the market for mascara? I never wear it but sadly, I've been told that I'd "look great" with it. Aka my lashes suck.


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