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Monday, December 22, 2008

yeah, she's a trufflin' friend indeed

i'd been looking for an excuse to make oreo truffles using my beloved candy cane joe-joes from trader joe's. and when i was invited to brunch with some friends on the sunday before christmas, i knew i had my opportunity.

i didn't take pictures of the step-by-step process, but i managed to snap a few.

after coating the truffles with white chocolate and dusting with crushed candy canes:

i decided to decorate the plain white candy boxes with colored grosgrain ribbon and homemade, wet-embossed "happy holidays" tags. i gathered the packaging and decorating supplies and got to work.

i placed three truffles into each box, nestled in white paper candy cups. and here's the finished result:

and then i remembered that the monkey is allergic to chocolate. shit. i knew she could easily hand her box of treats to mr. monkey, but that wasn't fair. he wasn't the one who made the drive to meet up with us for brunch! so i improvised, grabbed a package of nutter butter cookies, and made some special truffles, just for her.

before their white chocolate bath:

i used a red ribbon for her box, so i wouldn't get them mixed up. i'm such a jeen-yus.

before heading out the door to brunch, i realized i hadn't tasted the special truffles. i figured i'd better give it a test run to make sure they didn't taste like ass.

they're delicious. mmmmm. i had some left over, and i better remember to hide some from the hub so that the teen can sample them when she comes home!


  1. I love you for always remembering my allergy.

    I should add that to my Friendship List. :)

  2. Those look soo yummy. Too bad I developed an aversion to sweets.

  3. Holy eff. I want more. I'm still tasting those things and now I think I'll have to make some. So good!

  4. total jeenyus. and they are deelish. hope you enjoy the pretzels, you sneaky hag.

  5. still bummed i couldn't make it to the brunch :(

  6. Now I'm even sadder that I was OOT for Lithuania's sweet return.

  7. heaven in a ball. for realz.

    thanks again!

  8. Yum - those look fantastic!! Monkey's lucky to have you :)


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