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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

o christmas tree

ah, how i love the holidays.

this year, i think i love them even more because of the "no gifts" pacts we made with several groups of folks we typically buy for. taking the parking/crowd fighting/line standing/big bucks shell-outing out of the equation makes for a really, really lovely christmas season during which we can just relax, bask in the warmth and cheeriness, enjoy our friends and family, and focus on the meaning of christmas.

and we managed to get our tree before all the rain blew into soCA. yay! actually, the hub and the teen went out to get it while i stayed home with the napping bean. the teen loves to pick out the tree - she says she gets a "vibe" from certain lots, and that's how she narrows it down to the perfect wan tree. yup.

of course, i fell asleep with the bean on the couch, and by the time we both woke up, it was dark outside and we ventured out to find the hub supervising the teen as she strung the lights on the tree, already placed perfectly into the stand.

the bean decided to go and check things out.

once inside, decorating the tree was spread out over two nights of fun. the teen started out hanging the colored balls and other basic ornaments, and then declared herself "too tired" to finish up, so we all stretched out and passed out in front of the tv. heh.

i was stoked to find an old friend in the christmas boxes.

the bean had a blast helping her sister go through the boxes.

my very own rudolph-ette.

the look on her face says it all.

the all-important star tree topper.

huh. i just realized that i never took a picture of the end result. oops. well, i'm sure you're not holding your breath. i'll just take one on christmas and post it with the recap.

you're totally relieved, i know it.


  1. I rely on tree vibes as well!

    I actually am excited to see the finished product ;)

  2. I cannot believe you still have that soap dispenser! hi-larious!

    yay for Christmas fun!

  3. The Hood With Ears + Black Santa = The Best

  4. the bean's face in the pic with the hoodie is priceless!

  5. So merry in the wan household! Black Santa is the cherry on top, fo sho.

  6. i <3 that soap dispenser.
    i want a hood with ears. oh wait, i won't be quite as cute. or cute at all.

  7. Why do you put the lights on in the garage?
    Love, the girl with no garage

  8. Hahahaha the soap dispenser makes an appearance once again! I, too, love the bean's hoodie.

  9. So happy the soap dispenser is alive and well. :)

  10. Whoops. I think I just posted my comment to this post on another post. I'm an idiot.

  11. The teen looks so serious about that star in the last pic. Dude, black Santa gets me every time. So great!


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