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Friday, December 5, 2008

wan-niversary, take 3

taking our dwindling december budget into consideration, we decided to forego the uber expensive dinner for our anniversary this year. besides, it was a school night, and so i thought it might be fun to just order some take-out, rent some movies, throw on some comfy sweats, and chill at home. low budget AND still fun. i'm a freaking genius.

and of course, being the procrastinator extraordinaire that i am, when the hub pulled into the driveway, i nearly shit a brick. i was still putting laundry away and had yet to wrap his presents and write something sweet and meaningful in his card (luckily, i'd had time earlier in the day to make the thing). shit, shit, shit.

but i managed to find a great opportunity to squeeze in some time by myself when he put both girls in the car and headed out to pick up the grub.

"aren't you going to go with us?"
"uhh...no. let me get all this laundry put away and stuff, you guys go ahead. pick good stuff!"

and with a smile and a wave, they were off. phew! i scurried around, folding and putting away the laundry, and then i thought it would be a good idea to put the ol' dress on. after all, i needed to take care of the twirling before they got back, and i didn't have a whole lot of time.

boy, i'd forgotten what a pain in the ass it was to get that thing zipped up all by my lonesome. i twisted and turned and pulled and yanked and damn near gave up, but i knew i had to persevere. i had a video to make, dang it, and i was gonna get 'er done!

at last, i was ready.

i got the camera set up and realized that i had no idea what i was going to do to change it up for the "new and improved" version. hell. so i just hit "record" and went for it. too bad i still didn't remember to put the camera right side up. um, or to remove anything from the area that i could possibly trip on and break my ankle over.

damn toys.

so here's take 2, and this time you won't need to cock your head to one side, like a confused puppy:

mission accomplished! i was quite proud of successfully completing my task. and then i remembered that i was supposed to be putting laundry away. oops.

with the card signed and presents wrapped (i bought the teen the demi lovato CD, which she'd been wanting, since it's her anniversary too), i sat down to wait for my family to return. i must've been quite a sight, sitting in the nursery playing solitaire on my iPhone. heh.

and when i finally heard them walk in the door, i sashayed out to greet them, dressed proudly in all my finery. the funniest part of the evening, for me, was watching them look over at me, nod, and say "hey, you ready to eat?" no reaction whatsoever to my ridiculousness. bwahahahahaha! they're too used to my antics by now to be surprised anymore. comedy.

they'd brought home quite a feast from the local chinese take-out joint (and some spaghetti from the italian place across the parking lot for the teen, who wasn't feeling the chinese food) - simple but yummy stuff. there was orange chicken, beef with broccoli, garlic shrimp, hot and sour soup, and a box full of appetizers. i sat the bean in her seat, carefully draped a paper towel over my chest, pulled the tablecloth over to cover my skirt, and got down to the business at hand.

she particularly enjoyed the paper-wrapped chicken, and happily munched along with the rest of us. we popped in a movie ("step brothers." romantic, yes?), which had us cracking up in shocked and uncontrollable laughter. seriously, it was the most random/unappropriate/hilarious movie for such an occasion. um, and i'd picked up the unrated version, which was fabulous considering the teen sat there alternately laughing her ass off and glancing at me with wide eyes. oh, dear.

we had dessert, too - these yummy frosted sugar cookies that probably contain a cup of sugar in each one, and this scrumptious, most chocolately rich cake i've ever had. i needed a glass of milk just looking at it.

when the movie ended, we popped in the next one - "
fred claus." the teen passed out on the floor, wrapped in a blanket, about halfway through. and the bean fell asleep as well, tucked in my arms on the couch. and yes, by then i'd changed out of my wedding gown and into some sweats.

the dress is hanging in the bean's room, waiting to be zipped back into the bag and put away into the closet. i was pleased that i'd been able to keep up my tradition of wearing it on our anniversary for the third year in a row.

see you next year, pretty pretty princess dress!


  1. You are so pretty and tiny! And, I must admit, it made me a little teary when you said about the teen, "it's her anniversary, too!" So sweet!

  2. I simultaneously think you are insane and also want to put my dress on again. It's been a while now since I looked at that thing.

    Sounds like a super fun night.

  3. I just want to hug you right now. I, too, am happy that you've managed to keep the tradition going. So fab. So funny. And even funnier that your fam didn't say anything about being in the dress. Love them too!

  4. You crack my up! I kudos to still fitting into your dress :) I'm scared to try mine on after 3 years!

  5. Ummm, you forgot the part when your lovely, wonderful friend called in the middle of dinner and then called back and screamed "Happy Anniversary" (because she forgot during the first call) into the phone and hung up!! :)

    AWESOME!! :)

  6. This post made my Friday AM. LOVE IT. You guys are too cute. Especially you and your cheer leading jump.

    So jealous that you still fit in your dress.

  7. i agree with the cheerleading jump. maybe you should make a blog with THOSE pictures up, eh? eh? :) best blog ever.

  8. The jump was the best part ever. :)

  9. One of my favorite posts from you ever. :) The first video is still making me LOL.

  10. How much do I love that you get into your dress every year! You are a serious crack-up I vote for more videos on your blog. Congratulations on your anniversary, here is to a bagillion more!

  11. I can't believe you did it sideways again on your first try.

  12. lookin' gorgeous love. also, you make me laugh so hard.

  13. Happy 3rd Anniversary to you, the hub, and the teen!!! You are so awesome and here's to many more years of twirling like a princess!

  14. LOVE the twirling!!! ...and I'm super jealous that you look just as hot in your wedding dress 3 years later. I'm too scared to try mine on!

  15. This sounds like the nicest kind of anniversary - one that just celebrates the life you have every day. The days that make up those three important years!

  16. I love your twirls! It makes me want to unpack my dress and try it on again.... but not until I need to take it to get altered for my renewal of vows by Elvis, TYVM.

  17. since i can't see the videos, i will say that the picture of you with the clorox wipes and the laundry basket is freaking hilarious! <3

    happy wanniversary!

  18. happy belated wanniversary!

    i am a bit sad that i won't be able to do the twirl in THE dress anymore.

  19. happy wan-niversary!! love the laundy/dress pic! :)


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