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Thursday, March 19, 2009

another day, another 'do

going to see my favorite hairstylist rochelle is always such an ego boost. she's such a sweetheart - she greets you with a big hug and a smile, and she always has something nice to say, which is fabulous when you've just walked in looking like total shit. gotta love walking around as the "before" picture.

i was so glad to finally get in to have my hair did last night. my hair was completely out of control - no shape whatsoever, and impossible to style. i still wasn't 100% sure of what i wanted to do with it, aside from not wanting bangs and no shorter than chin-length. i was really digging katie holmes' style from her recent spread in glamour magazine (i think the last one is from last year's in style):

but i wasn't sure i could pull it off, let alone find the patience for the daily styling that 'do would take. i was convinced that my face shape wasn't going to work at all.

as i always do, i had visual aids with me - i printed pictures of styles i liked to give rochelle some ideas as to what i was going for. and as she always does, she complimented me on my hair, told me that the shape of my face could pull off any style, and i settled back and let her do her magic. i gave her my two requirements, told her i was thinking of sticking to a basic-ish bob shape, but with an edge. i wanted some choppy layers, razored ends, something different from my usual look.

"no problem!" she said, and then we spent the next hour and a half laughing and catching up as she snipped and blow dried and flat ironed and snipped some more. it'd been quite a long time since i'd seen her last, as i'd cheated on her once or twice last year. heh. luckily, she's not the kind of stylist who takes it personally. yay!

and when she was done, i looked at the floor and was pretty surprised at the amount of hair that she'd managed to chop off. holy shit! i didn't even know i HAD that much hair to cut. heh. but i was stoked. i really liked it! of course, my next thought was the same as that of every woman who's just seen her awesome new 'do in the mirror while the stylist twirls her around in the chair: am i going to be able to recreate this myself at home? shit.

and as predicted, i'm at home trying to get the look back after washing the gobs of product out of my hair and failing miserably. i'm thinking i may need to return and pick up at least one of the many sprays she used to create her masterpiece. oy.

oh, i forgot to post this yesterday! for st. patty's day dessert, i made chocolate chip cookies. and i got the bright idea to put some green dye in the dough. check out this fantastic shade of green:

too bad i didn't consider the fact that the cookies would brown as they baked. they ended up looking like dirt and grass.

ah, well. they tasted good. that's what counts anyway, right?

and last night's dinner was a big ol' pan of classic comfort food: tuna noodle casserole. the teen doesn't do fish, so i only make this when she isn't home. the hub and i dig this shit.

okay, enough babbling. i've got a hairstyle to do.


  1. Looooooooove it. You sassy girl, you.

  2. Hair looks good.
    Cookie looks....
    Well, the hair looks good.
    That's more important.

  3. The hairdo is cahhhyooot! The cookies not so much. :-/

  4. The hair looks great. :) I'm sure you'll get the hang of recreating it at home in no time.

  5. The hair looks way better than the cookies, but I bet the cookies taste better than your hair. WIN-WIN!

  6. I am dying at your dead grass cookies. Your hair looks rad.

  7. Hair = good!

    tuna noodle thing = barf!!

  8. Your hair looks great! I'm always so jealous that you can pull off the short hair look.

    But really, what were you thinking when you put green dye in brown cookies???

  9. the hair looks super cute!

    the cookies, on the other hand....


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