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Thursday, March 5, 2009

is it ever NOT about food?

yesterday was a lovely, rainy, lazy day. although i did manage to shower and get dressed and stuff fairly early, and then the bean helped me vacuum and mop the floors. that was pretty much the extent of our productivity yesterday. never even set foot outta the house. heh.

well, wait. i did actually test out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. and it was a good one!

all these years that i've been baking, i've always had to plan ahead - setting the butter out to soften for hours before i could get started. little did i know that there were recipes out there that used melted butter instead! yeah, yeah, this sounds lame as hell, but i was excited. and since we were all out of cookies (quelle horreur!), i got to work.

it was so weird to work with gooey, liquidy butter vs. soft, creamy butter.

but it mixed up rather nicely. and i found that i was all out of semisweet chips, but had a box of baking chocolate bars. so i just busted out my knife and chopped it up.

a lot of the melted butter recipes i perused recommended chilling the dough for at least 10 minutes after mixing. some even suggested chilling for 12 or more hours! but i'm impatient. so 15 minutes later, i pulled the bowl out of the fridge and started scoopin'.

my oven is a piece of crap. i think i've mentioned it before. but i experimented and played with it and kept an eye on the thermometer i bought to hang from one of the racks, and finally figured it out: if i set it for about 75 degrees higher than the required temperature, it works perfectly. yay! and so after 11 minutes, i pulled out the first tray of cookies.

strangely, they smelled slightly of nutella. there's no nuts in these (i don't like them in cookies or brownies, with the exception of macadamia nuts), and my jar of nutella was unopened in the pantry. and when i took a bite of my test cookie, it even tasted a little nutella-ish. not a bad thing, obviously, since i adore the stuff, but still...weird. oh, well. the hub didn't seem to notice or mind as he chowed down on those cookies after dinner.

speaking of dinner, the leftovers went over pretty well. i had some steak from the weekend stashed in the fridge, and i'd only saved the chunks that were done pretty rare. i popped 'em in the oven, sauteed some portabella mushrooms, chopped up some cooked bacon (of course) and a tomato, tossed it all with a bag of romaine and a tablespoonful each of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, added a bit of salt and pepper, and sliced the steak on top of the plated salads. i served it with some rolls, and it was pretty darn good.

the hub had to skedaddle earlier than usual this morning, so the bean and i were up early too. i decided to make breakfast for both of us, and as i scrambled an egg for her, i mixed up some batter for german pancakes.

i love IHOP. more specifically, i love IHOP's german pancakes - thin, delicate, eggy pancakes folded in fourths, served with an ridiculously large dollop of whipped butter and lemon slices. i usually slather the hot cakes with some of that butter, set aside the other 3/4 of it, and squeeze some lemon juice on top. so yummy!

so the other day, i decided to google for recipes in an effort to clone my favorite pancakes. and after looking about a million and two different sites, i finally found one. for some reason, i couldn't bookmark it, so i just copied and pasted the recipe.

my little nonstick omelet pan was perfect for making them:

as i poured, flipped, and folded, i cut up the first pancake and gave it to the bean. she liked it so much, she took the rest of the pancake right off of the plate. but then she got a little confused.

took a bite...

and realized it was just as good as the cut-up pieces on her tray. whee!

here's mine:

are you, like, SO totally over my cooking adventures yet? i hope not, because it's fun as hell. oh, and if you want to make your own german pancakes, here's the recipe. my apologies to the original author - i wiped out my browser history yesterday, so i can't even get back to the page i c&p'd it from. but hey, thanks.

4 eggs, well beaten
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup melted butter
4 tablespoons sugar
1 cup milk

mix eggs, sugar, butter, & milk; add flour. cook on greased griddle. make the pancakes small. they will be thin & delicate. can also add a drop or 2 of vanilla for extra flavor (confession: i never measure vanilla extract in anything i make. i just pour till it looks good). fold in fourths, smear top with butter and serve with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and lemon slices.



  1. Holy Hello Kitty!

    If you were my wife, I'd be one fat-ass blimp. But life would be so yummy.

  2. I LOVE those pancakes from IHOP. I didn't knwo they were so egg-y. This surprised me since generally I don't like eggs and are thusly not often drawn to egg-y dishes.

  3. I want to eat your batter.

    That sounds super dirty.

  4. you have no idea how upset I am with you, my stomach is grumbling right now. ;(

  5. Hello Kitty! Yummm now I want pancakes and cookies.

  6. I'm glad you liked the cookies, and I may have to try those pancakes. I also see you're a fan of Shun knives, too. I'm a fan of cracker barrel pancakes, but I'm willing to try others, too!

  7. I like the new look! I am totally UNDER your cooking obsession. It makes me feel successful vicariously :)

    When it calls for softened butter I just microwave it for a few seconds instead of waiting for it to warm up over night. Is that bad?

  8. I love the Hello Kitty background. Too cute!

    I have never heard of German pancakes. These look a lot lighter meaning I can eat more. Yum. I. Must. Try.

  9. i love all your cooking posts!!! keep them coming!

    ps. went to mcdonalds specifically for the shamrock shake and they didn't have them!! i have a horrible feeling that they're not available in Texas. boo.

  10. I seriously love reading about this stuff. Those pancakes look tdf and so did the cookies. The salad even sounded good!

  11. i love your hello kitty background!

  12. bean is all grown up. and cuter than ever.

  13. i'd like some pancakes with a side of cookies, tyvm!


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