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Monday, March 9, 2009

springin' forward

weekend in a nutshell:
  • naps.
  • sleepovers.
  • dinner with FIL at philippe's.
  • pinkberry for dessert.
  • harry potter movie marathon.
  • homemade french toast sunday breakfast.
  • playing at the park.
oh, and i forgot - the time change that totally screwed us up and made us miss all THREE services at church. oops. this is what they thought of that:

"let's get outta the house, guys!"

"daddy! you're driving like a maniac!"

"get used to it. i have."

"we're here. hey! we're here! whee!!"

running around at the park + yummy dinner + warm jammies =

what time change?


  1. The teen's hair looks so pretty!!

  2. I haven't commented in a while but wanted to say how cute the bean looks in her little headband!! She's precious!

  3. that sweatband on the bean is killing me!

  4. What A said. I love how you had Harry Potter marathon! I still haven't seen the latest movie even though I've re-read the books over and over many times now.

  5. the headband is OOC! but in a cute way, of course. ;)

  6. i love that she wore the headband all day long, even til she fell asleep! hahaha

  7. yum, phillipes's .....

    that headband is hilarious!


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