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Friday, March 13, 2009

no laughing matter

so the photo shoot didn't go as well as i'd hoped. the bean was in an adorably playful mood, which didn't motivate me to keep the camera in hand. all i wanted to do was put it away and get down on the floor and play and cuddle - and that's exactly what i did.

i took a handful of shots, but i doubt any of them are good enough to use in the ad. oh, well. at least i got to test out my theory that her hair is, indeed, long enough for pigtails again! whee!

of course, she promptly yanked them out.

looks like we'll be buying some new havaianas for this summer.

i kind of like these, even though they don't show off that magical smile.

meh. we'll give it a shot again this weekend.

i made laughing cow chicken last night. it was delightfully easy, with very few dishes to wash. and instead of plain breadcrumbs, i used panko. it added a fun crunch to the chicken, and i also swapped out the italian seasoning for garlic salt. delish! it's going in the rotation fo' sho'.

my friend ssinca suggested this recipe for my next cookie extravaganza, and i realized that i'd already bookmarked it. heh - great minds think alike. i'd just been putting it off because it looks like a pain in the ass to make.

(note to 10yt: i always post links to the recipes i use! pay attention!)

but i decided to give it a shot. the first step, browning the butter, is complete. it took a while, but i finally got it right. it's chillin' in the fridge now.

and my kitchen smells heavenly. if this is an indication of how the cookies are going to taste, i see much more butter-browning in my future.

i shall report back soon.


  1. My favorite shot is the last one where she is looking sideways! And thanks for the reminder on panko, I want to use those bc breadcrumbs are so gross to me. Can't wait to see the cookie outcome.

  2. Hmmmmmmm those cookies sound divine. Please tell me how they taste.

  3. you have some great pictures there!

  4. I agree -- the sideways pic is really cute!

  5. the last two pics are really cute.

    that chicken sounds yummy!


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