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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

paging dr. blogspot. paging dr. blogspot, stat.

i know, i know. i shouldn't be letting this ridiculous facebook bullshit get to me. but it is, and i'll tell you why:

i care what people think of me.

i don't like admitting that, because it seems so petty and stupid. although i do believe that most people who insist that they don't care what others think of them actually do, and in fact care quite a lot. but acting as though it doesn't matter is a great way to keep people from seeing too much. obviously, that doesn't apply to everyone - it's just a silly theory i have.

blogging began as a fun thing for me - an easy way to document the ordinary day-to-day activities of my life, as well as what the teen and the bean were up to. i enjoy looking back on posts a year later and reminiscing, and i've also found that it's a great outlet for me to get my thoughts out and work my way through them. sometimes they're pretty personal, a lot of times rather comical, and i've received some great comments and e-mails from readers who offer support, laugh at my antics, and even come to their own realizations about their own lives. so for me, blogging has turned into something that's quite therapeutic.

as i was writing yesterday's post, i came to the conclusion that the reason why i care about others' opinions of me truly stems from all those times that i had to go to a new school, be the new kid, and prove myself all over again to a whole new group of kids who most likely didn't really give a shit whether i befriended them or not.

so although this person on facebook means absolutely nothing to me, his fucktarded posts on an open, public forum questioning and judging my life really, really piss me the fuck off. and as i mentioned yesterday, the whole high school thing is one of the few hot buttons that never fails to get me going.

i was laying on the couch with the sleeping bean last night, playing solitaire on my iPhone and checking e-mails. i clicked on the facebook application (because i'm freaking addicted to that damn thing) and was absolutely floored to find this:

Sorry girl, someone who goes to College for just a year, don't make em' a College Grad.....just get yo' G.E.D. n' you good to go! aint no shame in it, ya know whut I'm sayin?........ :)

and i was LIVID. i was so incensed that i couldn't even take the time to snicker at the absolute irony of the damn post. i'd been polite in my previous reply to this ridiculous person, answered his question truthfully even though i knew i had no reason to justify or explain myself to him, and he couldn't just leave it alone?

i couldn't help it - i popped off with another reply that was a whole lot less polite and a hell of a lot more angry. i pointed out his lack of reading comprehension, spelled out that i'd received a proficiency certificate more than a year before i was scheduled to graduate high school, and the most painful part (for me) - that i'd never claimed to be a college graduate. well, and then i threw in a cute jab about how his writing skills in his posts didn't exactly put him in a position to judge my education background. heh. come on - i had to!

as we were getting ready this morning, i was filling the teen in on the facebook shenanigans. she was just as pissed off as i was about the whole thing, and the conversation continued as we got in the car to head to school. and when i told her that both the high school experience and my lack of a college education were sensitive subjects with me, she looked at me and said "that's totally my dad's fault. i'm sorry, mom."

how much do i love this girl, really? i mean, really - i love how she thinks things through and so often comes up with the right conclusions, or close. when i told her that she had nothing to apologize for, she followed it up with "well, it was mostly because of him that you ended up making those choices, isn't it?"

and she was right. i'd met her dad when i was particularly vulnerable and easily influenced. and i was so in love with him and wanted to do whatever i could to spend time with him that i sacrificed a lot - a whole lot more than i realized back then.

sooooooo...i just de-friended the facebook d-bag. i was hesitant at first to do it, because god knows what he'll post next, but i figure, he's truly nothing. and he made himself look like the idiot with those horrible, want-to-poke-my-own-eyeballs-out-because-he-can't-write posts.

anyway! to end this post on a lighter note, the vegetarian dinners have been...interesting. i made a nice green salad the other night and served it with that trader joe's "chicken" - and let's just say that it's a good thing i left it on the side. because it turned into mollydog's dinner.

it looks like chicken, right? even had the right texture. but even with seasoning, there was no disguising the taste of the stuff. this shit was straight nasty. the hub and the bean spit their bites out, and the teen made faces at it before finally tasting it and then rushing to wash it down with a glass of water. blech.

at least the red lobster cheese biscuits i made were good.

the teen made dessert for us. i'd bought a couple of bags of these:

and she made rice krispies treats with them. the caramel in the marshmallows smelled wonderful, and added a really nice flavor to the krispy treats.

i highly recommend these, if you can find the marshmallows. so yummy!

also at trader joe's, we'd bought this:

i decided to see if i could disguise the fact that it wasn't real meat by putting it in my beloved tater tot casserole. i put it in a skillet to warm it through:

and then assembled the casserole. yes, i ran out of regular tots and used the round ones to finish it up.

i did taste the "meat" first, and while it was noticeably different from regular ground meat, it wasn't that bad. it had the right texture and the flavor was slightly soy sauce-ish (which isn't shocking, considering that it's made from soybeans). and it went over well enough - i didn't even get a chance to take a picture of the finished product before we dished it up. the teen still didn't love it, but the hub and i cleaned our plates. heh.

here's a few bean pics - i laughed as she took one of my reusable grocery bags and made a backpack out of it.

and then she got tired and decided to take a load off and rest a little - in the dog's bed.

way to end this post on a lighter note, yes?


  1. I'm sorry the FB guy was a jerk to you, and I'm happy that you defriended him. I was lol at the irony of his post, what a douche.

    FWIW, as I was reading your post from yesterday, I could totally relate to being the new girl. It was always a struggle for me, and I hated it. I was always jealous of the other girls who had been friends forever. I was always the one starting over again, and again, and again.

  2. F*ck that guy and the illiterate high horse he rode in on. Good bye and good riddance! Good way to end the post btw, the bean is so dang cute! :)

  3. hope you have some better luck with meatless dishes tonight.

    it's not worth it to spend even facebook time with some people. reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qkc9VfDYLc

    way to go de-friending that guy!

  4. My favorite vegetarian meal is good ol' grilled cheese and tomato soup. Other than that, I got nothin'.

    And I weep for her bacon-less existence. She is much stronger than I.

  5. Those Red Lobster biscuits look a-maz-ing! And boo to that d-bag from h.s.

  6. ugh. what a jerk. and i care, too. maybe a little too much, too.

    i really do not like meat substitutes, but i LOVE tofu and beans, so maybe i could be veg.

  7. I <3 the tean, she seems like such a good kid.

    most faux meats are just wrong! you should check out the morningstar brand sausages, those are actually pretty good. they have both link and patty versions, both are ssinca approved.

  8. Ew, I'm glad you got rid of that guy. There is just absolutely no need to bring him into your life.

    I love cheesy biscuits!!!!

  9. screw the d bag on facebook, i don't even know you but i think you are freakin' cool! people are just jealous!

  10. I'm so glad you de-friended that loser! I love the teen, she's so thoughtful! A reflection of how she was raised, fo' sho'!

  11. I commend you for admiting you care what other people think. In fact, I think it is truly bizarre when people claim they don't.

    To me, unless you live alon on an island it behooves you to be conscious of others and your role in society.

  12. I think he's a total loser for even bringing it up...glad you deleted! I'm sure eventually he would've thrown out the ultimate insult "I feel sorry for your hub!". Hahaha remember those days?

    As far as the meat goes, I'm sure you'll come up with some goodies for the teen :)

  13. Didn't you say it had been well over 10 years since high school? Who remember these things? This guy is pathetic for remembering *and* feeling the need to point it out.
    I am going out on a limb and assuming he is not running around with his PhD.

  14. I don't know you, I just follow your blog because I saw it on the Nest and, well, it's fun to read your adventures with cooking and your two beautiful girls, but *I* think you're cool. And I'm way cooler than the d-bag trashing you on Facebook, so that should count for something!

  15. i almost thought you were going to say you are quitting your blog! its the highlight of my day. i love your blog and your adventures and you family is gorgeous. i honestly hate facebook because of people like that loser. sorry you had to deal with that. and i too think you are super cool.

  16. I have major sensitivities when it comes to education also. I get pissed the eff off when people ask me if I'm going to go back to school and become a "real teacher". Dude, follow me around during one of my eight hour days and tell me I'm not a "real teacher". Oh, and I ditto ssinca on ALL Morningstar products, yummy!

  17. de-lurking just to say that your blog is the first one I check when I'm reading blogs. The stories about your kids are always cute and funny. I'm glad you didn't let the fb guy get to you too much. I think it's great that you're able to make your normal everyday activities into adventures for your readers to read.

  18. Ewww. You do not want someone that ghetto as your FB friend. Can you imagine what his fucking status updates are like???

  19. He sounds like a total d-bag. I'm glad you defriended him. You're way cooler than that, anyways.
    I love the picture of the bean with the bag. Looks like she was born to shop!

  20. I agree with mboc - good riddance to the fucker! The chicken looks ok but I would assume tastes scary. Love the Bean pic - I often want to lay in my dogs' beds too but....

  21. Yes, definitely good riddance to that loser. I'll flip him off for you while Nanners kicks him.

  22. Hi! I have mostly been lurking in your blog for the past few months. I think I've only commented once before. I just wanted to chime in on some meat substitutes...Morningstar Farms makes "steak" strips that are pretty good in fajitas. I wouldn't just eat them on their own though. I also like Morningstar Farms chicken nuggets. The spicy ones are a great substitute for chicken wings when getting pizza delivery or takeout. Also, Quorn fake chicken products are so good. They have fake chicken tenders that you can substitute for chicken breast in stirfrys, fajitas, etc. I make them for my husband all the time and he can't tell that it's not real chicken until I tell him (after he's halfway through the meal!).

  23. again, the guy is an idiot. asshat.

    and now i must make rice crispy treats with those caramel marshmallows. how sad is it that i've never made rice crispy treats ever? :(


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