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Thursday, March 12, 2009

you better work. sashay, shante

i need to take some summer-y pictures of the bean today. ack!

last week, i was thinking that the spring issue of the nest magazine has GOT to be done and probably already gone to press. this means that my friend "bump kaitlin" totally dropped the ball and never hit me up for a picture of the bean to use in the nest baby shop ad in the magazine. so i dropped her an e-mail which basically said "wassssup?"

of course, she apologized profusely and said that yes, the spring issue was complete. but could i take some summer pictures ASAP and get them over to her? shit. now i have to scramble to a) find a summer outfit to put on the bean, b) rig up some sort of plain white background to use for the shots, c) figure out how to get her to pose for some good shots, and d) decide how to do her hair. that last item was an issue last time, because every shot had a bunch of flyaways and i suck at doing hair.

wish me luck.

last night's dinner was quick, easy, and yummy. i found this recipe for ranch chicken pasta on the "what's cooking?" board on the nest, and knew right away that i had to give it a shot. for a bunch of reasons, we didn't get home until almost 7:30 last night, which meant it was going to be a late dinner. but i started cooking right away and the teen was digging in before 8:00. the hub was working late, so i made him a plate and set it aside for him.


now, i'm off to dig through the bean's extensive wardrobe in search of a suitable outfit. oy.


  1. Use a white piece of cloth or paper (if you have white wrapping paper / drawing paper on hand) for a background. Maybe give her some prop to hold so she will cooperate? Good luck and be sure to post your results :)

  2. use some of your hair products on the bean! or hairspray.

  3. How about a cute little dress with tie straps at the shoulder? That says summer to me!

  4. Recipe? Hello! I can't wait to see the pics you come up with. The Bean is so redonk cute to me, and I'm not even a big fan of kids and babies!

  5. The bump needs to stop dropping the ball! Can't wait to see how the photos turn out!


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