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Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend lessons

  • it is not a good idea to curl my hair using a flat iron. it can work like magic for lots of others, but not me.

  • that weird switch kickin' it on the wall near the ceiling magically turns on the air conditioning.
  • the bean loves to play with mollydog (and her stuff). i'm beginning to wonder if selling this bassinet is such a great idea, since they both love the damn thing so much.

  • frozen white castle burgers are gross.
  • you can take a bunch of shit that needs to be used up, toss it all together in a dish, cover it with cheese and stick it in the oven. voila! breakfast. looks nasty, but it sure was tasty.

  • between my current addiction cheetos (puffs, not the crunchy, TYVM), the coupon clipping, and newfound love for cleaning with vinegar, i'm turning into my friend diame. if i start hitting up big lots and waxing philosophical over the culinary genius of olive garden, smack me.
  • boredom leads to picture-taking. and unseasonably warm weather leads to me letting the bean run around in just her pants and one sock.

  • f'in easy, while fun to shop at, is NOT necessarily "fresh." i just came home with a dozen eggs that are marked "sell by february 28." shit. now i'll have to go back. that's good AND bad. especially since there's a pinkberry in that plaza.
  • shamrock shakes are back at mickey d's! whee! too bad for me, the one i stopped at was suffering from a broken ice cream machine. it's a sign, isn't it?
  • beef stew isn't the greatest thing to have for dinner when it's 8:00 and still 70 degrees outside. but i didn't have anything else ready to make and it tasted good. heh.
  • lastly, going to church is like riding a bike. you can not do it for a long period of time, finally drag ass outta bed to get there, and it's like you never stopped.


  1. I love Shamrock shakes. Thank you for alerting me to their return.

    ~kelly (aka kelly72206)

  2. I agree. Frozen white castle burgers are sickening. And that's coming from someone who will eat practically ANYTHING, as long as it's not diet food or "healthy."

  3. I like you're hair like that. I think it looks cute :)
    Naked days rock! Lucky Bean

  4. i think you can check your eggs to see if they float in a glass of water. if they float, cool. if they sink halfway, use them immediately. if they drop, betta get yo ass some new eggs. you can thank a midwesterner for that info.

  5. - I can't curl my hair neither.
    - I love the pictures of the bean in the doggie house and the bassinet! So cute.
    - That breakfast looks so gross. Haha.
    - I can only have one diame in my life. I will smack you if you start loving olive garden.

  6. I <3 puffy cheetos and shamrock shakes.

  7. 1. I can only burn myself on the curling iron instead of curling my hair.

    2. Playing in Molly's stuff sure looks like a lot of fun to me. Sometimes I'll sit in the pen w/ the doggies and play w/ them too.

    3. keep the pictures of the bean coming. TYVM.

  8. I think the hair is cute. The food? You must have an iron stomach :-)

  9. we always keep our eggs long past the sell by date.

  10. i actually think the hair looks sorta cute curled like that. :)

  11. I haven't had a shamrock shake in forever!! Thanks for reminding me ... I may need to swing through a drive-thru this weekend!


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