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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

green is the new black

i finally got my shamrock shake! woo-hoo!

we took the mollydog for a much-needed bath yesterday, and on the way back from picking her up, i took a chance and pulled into the mcdonald's drive-thru. and lucky for me, instead of this:

i simply found this:

look, all green and minty and creamy (a word i typically find rather abhorrent, but appropriate for occasions such as this):

and i was a happy camper.

even the dog got in on the green action. the groomers got her all ready for st. patty's day:

when we went upstairs, the bean got curious about the cup i was holding.

"hey, whatcha got there, mom?"

"hmmm. well, i'll give it a shot."

"oooh, that's pretty good!"

"i wonder what the cup tastes like."

once she got her fill of shamrock shake, she settled in her bouncy seat and relaxed for a while. new moms, don't get rid of this thing after your baby grows out of it. you might find that it comes in handy as a lounge chair later on. heh.

last night's dinner was yummy. i had the pork tenderloin marinating in the fridge overnight, and i served it with some almond green beans and rice pilaf. the hub was very appreciative.

and tonight, for the VERY first time, we're going to have leftovers for dinner. this is huge, people - the wans don't typically do leftovers. i hope it all tastes as good as it did the first time 'round.

cross your fingers.


  1. Dude. How can you not eat leftovers?? What do you normally eat for lunch?

  2. I love leftovers. For lunch especially. My faves are soup (always better the next day) and italian food.

  3. i love leftovers too.

    ps. i'm dying to have a shamrock shake!!! looks and sounds yummy!

  4. Good luck with the leftovers! We're pretty bad about using them up, unless it's restaurant food.

  5. mmmm leftovers.... they can be awesome, especially asian food, i think. the flavors have more time to marry. mmmm.

    also our molly dog really needs a groomin'. thanks for the reminder. :)

  6. So do you just cook enough for who is eating or usually throw stuff out? At our house (of 3) we generally cook for 6-8. We have weeks where we eat more leftovers than originals.

    And mmmmmm, shamrock shakes. Love them!!!

  7. I don't like leftovers. But I'm sure it tastes good.

    Love Mollydog's new do.

  8. I had, like, a sorta shitty day yesterday and you had my hopes up for a Shamrock shake, which I thought would cheer me up.

    Naturally, the shake machine was being serviced.


  9. What does the shamrock shake taste like? It looks/sounds pretty gross to me, but everyone is talking about it. I just hate being left out!

  10. you know, i've never had a shamrock shake, ever. oops.

    we do leftovers a lot at our casa b/c with only 2 people, i'd be throwing out way too much food otherwise. ;)

  11. Awww, Molly's bow is too dang cute!


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