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Friday, March 6, 2009

hello, kitty

yup, i changed up my background. again. i still luuuuurve spam, but i got tired of looking at - i haven't even eaten any since i put that up! tragic.

i discovered hello kitty waaaaay back in the second grade (yes, back in the 70s). we were still living in maryland, and one of my friends gave me a sticker with that cute little face on it. she showed me her other sanrio treasures - a little twin stars pencil, a my melody mini-notebook, and her most prized possession: a clear pink plastic box containing four hello kitty rubber stamps and a small pink ink pad. i was entranced.

from that moment, i became obsessed with all things hello kitty. i so loved all the cute little products adorned with her image, and sought them out every chance i got. bio-dad's sister (remember auntie random?), who was living in the philippines back then, got wind of my love for sanrio and sent little trinkets my way whenever someone was coming over from the homeland. i coveted every piece i owned, and added to my collection with every penny of birthday/christmas/whatever money i got my paws on. the highlight of 7th grade for me was rocking my awesome pink HK backpack to school every day. heh.

as i got older and so way more mature, the obsession faded. i still thought the stuff was cute and often picked up a pen to put in my purse, or a little notepad for grocery lists, but the teen never got into it much. and the shit they have out now is redonkulous! you can get everything from a hello kitty egg mold to hello kitty rice seasoning to high-end hello kitty designer jewelry these days.

that was a pretty long-winded explanation for the new background, wasn't it? oh, well. even the dog got bored as i typed:

the bean found my 3D glasses from the jonas brothers movie and decided to model them. she thought she was pretty funny.

well, so did i. i was laughing so much, which is why the pictures are so damn fuzzy.

last night's dinner was easy and delicious. and for once, i served up a crock pot meal that wasn't ugly as sin! take that, diame :) if you're interested, the recipe is here. i just served it over egg noodles with some fresh steamed asparagus. yummy!

now i'm fighting off the urge to make tater tot casserole again. mmmm, tots.


  1. What did you make in the crockpot? Looks good! And you need to quit with that tater tot casserole, it's just so unfair.

  2. I was never in to H K, but I do enjoy your background.

    The best tater tot casserole discussed at the shower was a breakfast one with eggs and sausauge. It sounded amazing. I will not be surprised if you give in to temptation. I need to try making some...

  3. I see no background.

    But, FWIW, I love the simplicity of simple white. It's clean and chic.

  4. I'm a closet HK fan :) I really think you should email me your dinner menu daily so I can just copy your meal plans.

  5. i have that clear pink box w/ the 4 HK rubber stamps on my desk as we speak!!! does that make me pathetic because I'm 25 years old?!

  6. Hello Kitty has been my BFF since forevers! I've even managed to brainwash my daughters into liking her whether they like it or not. I have the HK rice mold but I'm on the quest for the egg mold! I'm heading to Target today in the hopes of finding this year's Easter basket :D

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  8. One of the best Christmases ever when I was a kid was when I got a box filled with assorted Hello Kitty goodies. I still have the stuffed animal up at my parents'.

    Did you know that HK is roughly our age? I learned that bit of randomness just a few weeks ago.

  9. Hello Kitty is awesome. When I was in Milan, there was a high-end boutique full of Hello Kitty stuff - two stories worth of pink and sparkles - that just made my day.

  10. i was obsessed with sanrio in elementary and jr. high. not so much thought hello kitty, but a lot of the other characters!

  11. The bean is too dang cute in those glasses!


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