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Saturday, February 28, 2009

oh. mah. GAH!

check it:

holy shit, y'all. i must find this. like, immediately.

then again, bacon salt finally materialized in my grocery store a few weeks ago and not only did the hub give me the "look" as i drooled, but i couldn't bring myself to cough up the $5 for it. oy.

oh, a couple of things about yesterday's tot extravaganza:

i don't watch "jon & kate + 8," nor do i follow the saga of the 20-member-strong duggar family, so i don't associate my fabulous thursday night dinner with either of those. although i was amused at the ginormous-sized recipe for tater tot casserole in the latter's website. and i won't lie, a couple of those other recipes caught my eye, too. stay tuned.

also, please do not take that post as me stereotyping all midwesterners. come on - i know that not everyone in the area subsists on casseroles/hot dishes! but just like how a lot of folks assume that californians are weird, liberal tree-hugging hippies who tan and have fake boobs and big blonde hair, i guess i have my own ideas in my nugget, too. my apologies to anyone i may have offended - you know me. that was certainly not my intent.

with that being said, i've got a breakfast casserole in my trusty convection oven. i've taken the tater tot obsession to a whole 'nother level, people. i'll report later.

let's just say it's got bacon, mushrooms, eggs, and tots in it. yup, i have issues.


  1. So . . . is the teen as obsessed with bacon as you are? I wonder if it's genetic :)

  2. you are on your own with all of that bacon crap.

    I'll fight you over tater tots, though. if you have a sonic nearby, they have them!

  3. You did not offend me at all. But I think that jar of baconnaise offends my stomach ;-)


  4. I can't believe you even had to qualify that you were not stereotyping or insulting anyone. Peeps can be so sensitive!

    I love me some tots!

  5. Meh. The Midwest is all about casseroles. At least the narrow-minded old conservative types are anyway.

    It's no big secret that young liberal folk are far more adventurous when it comes to eating.

    And I don't care if I'm offending people with this statement.

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  7. I went to L.A. to visit my older brother in 2001. He is 8 years older than me and except for a short visit 6 months before, I hadn't seen him in 15 years! When we started to decide where to go to eat I tenitively asked him what I had been worried about since planning the trip... "Where do you eat?" scared about what his answer would be... I mean, come on, he lived in California... so he must be a vegitarian, right? LOL! He isn't. He loves meat just as much as I do! I was so relieved.

    I have to say, being from central Illinois, I love casseroles and anything that goes in the crock pot. Last night at dinner I fried breaded pork chops and made mashed potatoes and my friend brought over a cheesy broccoli rice casserole. YUM! Today? BBQ ribs will simmer in the crockpot while we are at church... although I don't know if it is a midwest thing so much as a very busy mom thing!

  8. Mmmm Baconnaise! Definitely let me know where you find it. I can just imagine a tasty potato salad made with that *licks lips*

  9. Baconnaise is as fascinating as it is disgusting.

    And I kind of really want to try it.

  10. Baconnaise is as fascinating as it is disgusting.

    And I kind of really want to try it.

  11. I was going to purchase Baconnaise for the White Elephant that got cancelled. Booo. If you go to their website, they can tell you the nearest grocery store that will carry it.

  12. no offense, but i just threw up in my mouth a little looking at the baconnaise. :/

  13. Colbert had baconnaise on his show ... I am skeptical. Although, bacon salt sounds amazing...


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