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Thursday, February 5, 2009


guess what? i just got back from nordstrom, where i returned that shirt i mentioned a few days ago.

i strapped the drowsy bean in the stroller and sashayed right up to the "individualist" department, where i learned that the store i chose to visit no longer carried the faconnable line. but it's nordstrom, where customer service is top-notch. the saleslady was more than happy to help me in processing my return of [what i thought was] a 5-year-old shirt. i explained to her that i'd found it while packing during our move, and she went right to work.

as she scanned in the bar code on the sticker, i nonchalantly asked "so, does it tell you when the original transaction took place?"

"it looks like...december 17th. 2003. so, over five years ago." dudes, she didn't even bat an eye at this tidbit.

i totally started cracking up, right in front of her. it was just so fucking funny that i could have this shirt, which probably got discontinued eons ago, sit in my closet for five years with tags on, and i was returning it. awesome.

she handed me a receipt, directed me to the customer service desk, where i signed off on $105.60 in cold, hard cash.

hell yeah! [doing happy dance]


  1. nordstrom has THE best customer service.

  2. Holey.Shiit. Am I creepy if I say that this post totally made my day? Because it did.

  3. So glad you posted this. I just found an outfit and blanket from Nordy's that were gifts for Em but are now to small. (The outfit, not the blanket.) Gonna take em back!

  4. Holy Crap. That means I can return my shoes that have been sitting in the OG box.

    I can't believe that.

  5. having worked there, all i can say is at least it was still new (and with tags to boot!) my worst returns story was a lady returning old, used leggings from years ago. she said "they're falling apart and i want to return them." well shit lady, you've worn them to death, of course they're falling apart!

    but yeah, we took them back and gave her like $5 or something for them. ugh.


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