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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pretty pretty princess

my mac is running as slow as molasses lately. the hub took one look at my iPhoto library and gave me an exasperated look.

"dude. you have twelve THOUSAND fucking pictures in there. and you wonder why it's slow?"

well, since he put it that way... poophead. so i made it my mission to buy some blank DVD-Rs and start moving pictures over.

of course, this was about a month or so ago. heh. hey, life gets in the way of little shit like that. but now that we're mostly settled, i decided that it was time to accomplish this little task. i went to staples and was stoked to find a spindle of 100 DVD-R discs on sale for $20 - regularly priced at $50! whee!

and so yesterday was mostly spent organizing and copying pictures - first to my external hard drive, then burning them onto the discs. i fucked it up, though - of course - because i realized as i was burning disc 5 out of 6, the newly created folders in which i'd so carefully organized the pictures didn't copy over. and so i have DVDs of completely unorganized pictures, all with names like "IMG056." shit. oh, well. i've got 94 blank DVDs left!

the poor bean's bangs have grown out quite a bit since her first haircut a few months ago. so i decided that it was time to get them trimmed - and there's a newly opened kids' salon nearby, another branch of the "little kuts" we went to the first time. i called, made an appointment, and after we picked up the teen, we headed off to la verne.

the teen sat in the chair with the bean on her lap, and our stylist put a pretty princess cape over her and handed her a bucket of toys. this kept her quiet and occupied, making it much easier to accomplish the task at hand. the stylist was quite the chatty cathy, though, which drew funny looks from both girls.

the "before" shot:

and then she started snipping away.

almost done:

she looks pretty happy, yes?

she was even happier when we walked out the door with a pink balloon.

and then yesterday's dinner was simple - tomato-artichoke soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. i realized later on that i should've thrown together a nice green salad to go with it, but i didn't think of it then. next time!

i really need a haircut myself. i wonder when i'll be able to squeeze that in. hell, i don't even know what i want to do with my 'do. it needs something, but i'm kind over the "pob." what next?


  1. that soup looks divine! here's a recipe if you like tomato soups (http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/fea/taste/easyrecipes/stories/DN-nf_assemblysoup_0118liv.State.Edition1.135f69cc.html). it's a copycat recipe for La Madeleine's tomato-basil soup...not sure if they have those in Cali...

  2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is one of my favorite meals. Is it just me, or did the bean look like quite the little geisha in one of those photos?

  3. Well, that was a better experience than last time.

  4. i gotta try that soup recipe. hmmm, maybe this weekend.

    is it just me or is the teen starting to look more like 25 than, well, a teen? eek! she's growin' up mom!

  5. You could always grow your hair out instead of cutting it short. Just a thought. And Bean's hair cut went so much better. Nice.

  6. I'm due for a clipping too. I want bangs like the bean's. Well, more like the blunt bangs that everyone is getting.

  7. That soup looks ridiculously delish - just like the Bean's bangs ;)

  8. Ah, this looks waaay better than the last cut :) The soup looks yummy!

  9. does the bean have black velcro chucks? i have a pair for my little girl that i hope she'll fit into next fall/winter once she starts walking... they're so cute!

  10. I'm glad the bean's cut went a lot better this time

  11. Cute bangs! The pink balloon pic is precious!

  12. wow she really looking cuter.



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