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Thursday, February 5, 2009

date night!

the hub and i haven't had a date night in ages. at least, not one that was just for fun and not to celebrate a special occasion. *cough*birthdayprincessdinner*cough*

check this shit out: one of our very first dates, back in the stone age:

man, we look so young. um, and skinny. heh.

last week, amidst the packing and chaos, he asked me to see if MIL would be available to come over and babysit the bean for an evening. as always, she was thrilled to help, and i reported back to the hub.

"okay, we're all good. whatcha got in mind?"

"it's a surprise," he replied. hmmmm.

of course, keeping our low-budget pact in mind, i knew not to expect anything crazy. and to be honest, i would be perfectly happy with dinner at
chili's and a movie. last night, he gave me another clue.

"we'll be hanging out with some other people too. dinner will be just you and me, and then we're meeting up with them around 7."

what on
earth are we going to be doing tonight? haha! i'm such an impatient, curious fucker. but i'm excited - whatever we're doing, i know it'll be fun. and it'll be fun to spend some time with friends, too. we don't get to do that very often, especially as a couple. i go out with my friends (usually MommyBelle or the SFAMs), and he loves to hang out with his buddies at the cigar shop (yes, i'm married to an old man - despite the fact that he's just barely coming up on dirty 30 this april). but we don't have a ton of "couple" friends.

yay for date night!


  1. I think Chili's and a movie sounds fabby too! {giggling}

  2. This may be old news and the teen probably already knows... Jo Bros hosting SNL on Valentines Day.

    I love date nights.

  3. yeah, you look exactly the same.

    maybe he's taking you to a dineLA restaurant? that's somewhat budget-friendly!

  4. How fun. Have a great time!!

    ps His initiative made me feel bad about not having planned ANYTHING for Valentine's yet.

  5. Oooh fun! Date night! I hope it's a nice time for you both.

  6. How fun! You've definitely got a keeper there.

  7. I love the old school picture! Can't wait to see what you both ended up doing (well, BEFORE you got home for the night, obvs).


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