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Thursday, February 12, 2009

wan's week, by the numbers

thanks for everyone's kind and supportive comments to yesterday's post. i felt mucho better about it all, and did bring it up with the teen again. we's all good.

now, let's have some fun.

12 - we've been in the new place for a dozen days now. we're damn near close to being completely unpacked and settled, and with pictures up, the kitchen in working order, and the closet almost fully organized, it's feeling like home.

15 - the number of steps we climb to get to the front door. when i'm lugging groceries and/or the bean, who's a solid 22+ pounds, it's a real workout. and that's a good thing, because my lazy ass sure hasn't been to the gym in *mumble* months. heh.

5 - books and DVDs i've sold in my half.com store since we moved. yay!

0 - times i've been able to play my new wii game, we cheer. damn. i'm dying to try it out, but i have to figure out which box i packed the damn controllers in.

- slow cooker dinners i've made in the last week that looked like shit, but tasted oh so good. presentation, schmesentation. if you're interested, check 'em out: cream cheese chicken (which i served over egg noodles) and mongolian beef (enjoyed with fragrant, steamed jasmine rice).

4 - dozen chocolate chip cookies i made using our countertop convection oven. the oven in the kitchen is a piece of shit that doesn't maintain a consistent temperature, which totally annoys me. but the mini-me oven works like a charm - the cookies were a hit. and, i'd forgotten how much better homemade cookies really are.

1 - dozen snickerdoodle cookies burnt to a crisp by that damn oven. ugh. r.i.p., little buddies.

5 - dollars it cost me to wash 4 loads of laundry in the coin-op washer downstairs. turns out the washer that the ILs had in storage was DOA, which shouldn't have been surprising, considering it was 25 years old. but hey, the dryer works! and we'll get a new washer this weekend. r.i.p., old ass washer.

3 - copies of keys for the front door that we had made - that don't work. hell. and they're so cute, too.

2 - times the teen has now made it onto the honor roll! woot!

49 - days since christmas. and this is significant because our thank-you cards STILL aren't out for the lovely, generous gifts we all received. fuck. i've gotta get 'em out before valentine's day. shit, that's saturday! oy. coincidentally, this is also the number of days till the hub's 30th birthday. holy hell, what on earth will i get him this year? it's a biggie. shit shit shit. shit!

7 - dollars wasted on maybelline's new "lash stiletto" mascara. the ads made it look so cool, and yet it's TOTALLY a waste of cash. i'm pissed. and the teen agreed - it didn't work so well for her, either. stupid ass marketing campaign that hooked my sucker ass in.

13 - childproofing latches i've installed on cabinets and drawers. what a pain in the ass! and i totally suck at manual labor. the teen laughed her ass off as she watched me struggle with the screws. ugh.

well hell, what am i sitting around blogging for? i've got thank-you cards to write, packages to send, and boxes of books to list!

i guess i should take a shower, too. i'm still in my jammies.


  1. I bought the new product that makes "lash tubes" (L'Oreal??) and it works wonders. In fact, it is better than my Lancome Lash Extension product. Totally worth the $7.

  2. I don't envy all the stuff you have to do each day. In comparison, writing nasty letters threatening to sue people is cake.

  3. Good to know. I was gonna buy that mascara thinking my lashes are gonna look hot. I wonder if the maybelline colossal mascara is any good.

    It sounds like you're settling into your new pad nicely.

    If you ever need help w/ getting rid of those cookies, I'll be there in 15mins.

  4. I'm so bummed the pink keys don't work. Why the hell don't they work? I am uber jealous of your jammies situation.

  5. You know if I were in your hood, I'd totally come over to help you unpack . . . until I find your wii system :) Or better yet, I can bring my own wii to play your game on your tv while I watch you unpack.

    Congrats to the teen! Thumbs up.

  6. 1- Number of people that are super jealous you're still in your jammies. ;)

  7. I bought that farking mascara too and it sucks ass! I might even take it back I'm so pissed.

  8. Why did you buy that mascara? I tried the Cover Girl one you blogged about awhile ago and I LOVE it. Is it because it's big, fat and orange? Don't judge a wand by its cover.

  9. 1) There are 34 steps to my front door. Which makes moving pretty much out of the question.
    2) Slow cooker meals always taste better than they look.
    3)For the hubby's 30th birthday later this year I'm sending him on a surf trip to Costa Rica. But I don't think your hubby surfs, so that might be out.

  10. I also bought the mascara you blogged about a while back Lashblast by CoverGirl and I love it!

  11. We Cheer?? Fun! Can't wait to hear about it!

  12. all these slow-cooker meals have inspired me to finally replace the one we accidently left at the apartment. whee!


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