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Monday, February 23, 2009

wan's weekend, in bullets

  • waking up at 3:33 am is not magical, but it makes for some good blogging material. too bad i can't remember any of the fun shit i was going to write about. boo.
  • an outlet of the convenience/grocery store chain fresh & easy finally opened in my neck o'the woods. the teen, the bean and i decided to check it out, with added motivation courtesy of a $5 off coupon i got in the mail. cheap produce and canned goods! yummy-looking prepared dishes! fresh bakery items! $.49 cups of pudding! i think i'm gonna like this place. and i dubbed it [inanely and inappropriately] "fresh & sleazy."
  • the teen thinks my current 'do is old and boring. i've gotta agree with her, but finding a new style isn't exactly easy. i turned to the in style hair makeover and could only find ONE that was even close to decent-looking. and even that's pretty freaking questionable. oy.
  • the cooking mania continues - friday night was my [in]famous homemade spaghetti, served with some clearman's cheese bread and green salad with italian dressing made from scratch. saturday night saw us feasting on corned beef & cabbage with buttered parsley potatoes. and last night was skillet chili pie - an abbreviated recipe for chili, topped off with cornbread batter and baked in the oven. so delicious!
  • i decided that my blingtastic blog background was way too busy, so i got rid of it. then i couldn't find another one i liked better. so the one that's up now is only temporary. i think.

    before (i forgot to take a screen shot of it before i wiped out the background, so this baconized version is courtesy of my friend mrs. shorty cake):

    now:and now i've vowed to change the background whenever i damn well feel like it, so don't get used to what's up at the moment. heh.
  • i thought i finally had the hub talked into that cute little honda cr-v. i really did. it's such a cute little car, and it would fit so nicely in that garage we have downstairs. but after he and FIL went to look at it (again, since we went last month and i got to test drive one), i'm back to square freaking one. "it's just not as safe as your car now," he said. ugh. you can't compare a honda with a BMW! come on.
  • by now, MIL has landed in china - she's on another mission trip with people from church, doing the bible-smuggling thing. she left friday, armed with printouts from the louis vuitton website that brother wan and i gave her. last time, she came bearing armfuls of LV bags and wallets, and this time she wanted examples of stuff we liked. heh. i'm terrible at pinpointing fake LV items, but the ones she brought back last time seemed to be legit - at least, according to a couple of websites i looked at. i hope we aren't funding terrorists.
  • watching "encino man" with the teen is HILARIOUS. she and i howled with laughter as we watched it on friday night, and now an hour doesn't go by without one of us uttering the words "weezin' the ju-uice, bu-uddy." so wrong, and yet so right. not to mention, it reminds me of how much i loved brendan fraser back in the day.
  • the bean is usually kind of high-maintenance when it comes to naps - i've been really lax about nursing her to sleep and cuddling her as she naps. yes, i know she's far too old for me to be doing that kind of shit. shut up.

    anyway, the ILs came over on friday (for MIL to see us before she left on her trip) and hung out till about 2:00. the bean hadn't napped yet, and she was obviously tired. but she refused to sleep when they left, so i went to the bedroom to put laundry away.

    and when i came back into the living room, i was totally amused and blown away to find this:

    so awesome.
  • and one more bean bit: she seems to think it's pretty funny to smack folks in the face. we never tolerate it and always hold her hand down, say "no hitting!" with a totally straight face, and what does the little shit do?

    she laughs!

    and i always have to turn my head to hide a smile, because she's just so darn cute. but i REFUSE to be *that* mom - you know the one. i know you do. everyone knows parents like that, who think their kids are just so cute and precious no matter what they do. and all the while, everyone rolls their eyes, talks shit about them when they can't hear, and marvels at what awful parents they are. i WON'T be that mom, yo. know that i'm completely aware of the perils of having a cute kid.

    but come on. is it not difficult to discipline a face like this?

  • we met up with my folks yesterday and had some delicious cuban grub at the manhattan beach outlet of versailles restaurant. mmmm. i'd read on yelp that the service was rather spotty, and forewarned is forearmed, right? so i wasn't particularly shocked when our server mumbled, served everyone BUT my stepdad, and then we played a game of "how many servers does it take to bring cream for coffee?" but the food was scrumptious (garlic chicken! buttery rice!) and we all left stuffed and happy. we visited with them for a while and then headed home to finish projects and get ready for the week.
and how was YOUR weekend?


  1. The bacon background was pretty awesome, but this current one warms the cockles of my heart. <3

  2. you should post recipes (esp for your homemade stuff..ie. italian dress and spaghetti) or always post links to the stuff you make! last night, I made cream cheese chicken because I saw it on your blog :-)! yum yum!

  3. I have no clue how you change your backgrounds. And yes, please do not become THAT parent.

  4. I don't know why, but I can't stop laughing at the InStyle mockup.

    I'm sorry if that's the decent one. :P

  5. Don't be THAT mom! BTW I dig the new background. It's making me hungry.

  6. OMG, my co-workers must think I'm NUTS as I'm stifling my laughter at the thought of Bean straight up smacking people. Of course I'd be horrified if Em started doing that, but I can TOTALLY see how it'd be slightly amusing.

  7. LOL fresh n' easy is awesome. i also lovingly refer to it as "f'n easy" or "f'n sleezy" - it makes my mom laugh!

  8. I've only been to fresh 'n sleazy once, but I bought a tiramisu and a dolce de leche mini cake - both were delish!

  9. the hubs calls it "fresh n sleazy" as well ;) You've been cooking up quite a storm, and i agree~ post the recipes! :)

  10. hi. i miss blogging, but i have been so busy. just wanted you to know i'm still here.

  11. You know what's awesome? When kids slap you AND say "no hitting!" then laugh *groan*. Ew to Versailles, Havana Mania is where it's at my friend. I PPH Encino Man! "It's got all the major food groups... Milk Duds, dairy group" *snort*

  12. Work, work, work. That's how my weekend was. Oh! And I got an old TV from my dad since he stepped up and bought a new one. His old is our new.

  13. In China, they have different levels of quality for the fake purses if you can believe that. Please tell MIL that the purses need to be AA level before purchasing.

    Not that I know this.

  14. speaking as someone who has been kicked several times by a toddler and the parents laughed and told me "oh, he just does that because he likes you", pleae don't become that parent. :/

  15. I am so glad you a) recognize what it means to be _that_ parent and b) refuse to become that parent. :)


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