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Friday, February 6, 2009

nothing's ever TRULY hidden forever

it's pretty amusing, the shit you find when you move.

even more amusing is the shit OTHERS find when you have help during said move. case in point:

i bought this a few years ago, thinking i'd work out at home and learn some moves to show off for the hub one day. i know, i know, TMI. wrong as all hell. and especially for those of you who've seen me dance. [snicker]

i tried it out a few times, got bored with it, and tucked it away. far, far into the recesses of the closet, hidden inside a bag, stuck in a box, and forgotten about.

until this weekend.

as i emerged from the house with yet another fully packed box of random shit to load into the car, i spied the boxed set out of the corner of my eye. it was just kickin' it, on the table we'd just had dinner on, all out in the open and shit for everyone to see.

and i couldn't help it. i started giggling, which turned into cackling, which became snorting. and the hub, tired and cranky, barked at me. "what's so funny?"

i stopped immediately, with all six IL eyes on me. and i stuttered and stammered and couldn't bear to bring even more attention to the offending DVD case. remember, my ILs are what some might call "bible thumpers." they're certainly not prudes by any stretch of the imagination, with FIL often pinching MIL's derriere playfully in front of us, but i was still rather mortified at the idea of pointing out exactly what was so damn hilarious.

later, when it was just the two of us, i explained the incident to the hub. and he started cracking up. apparently, it was brother wan who had discovered my secret striptease lessons, and he pulled it out and handed it to his mother. she goes to exercise with a group of ladies at church on wednesday nights, and they've been experimenting with all sorts of videos, from "sweating to the oldies" to tae-bo.

"hey, here, mom, here's your next video to do with the girls at church!" he announced. fucker.

and then he thought better of the idea. "on second thought, never mind. ew. EW," and he set the box down.

i've already listed that shit in my half.com store. heh.


  1. He he he! That's great!

    (so, story topper here! Sorry) Try moving your boyfriend (whom you do not sleep with, do not have sex, not engage to, etc~hey you remember your boyfriend's shape carved into my couch?!;) and the boyfriend's mom finds a bag with a red feathered thong in it and takes it out for all to see. "Dear God may lighting strike me dead!"

    I wish I could have been there to point and laugh, I mean support you in your embarassment :)

  2. Sooo we have On-Demand which is fantastic for working out at home. They have allll the Carmen Electra workouts and we love to put them on and laugh. You should see how good the hubs is getting at the hip thrusts!

  3. I am dying at the mental image of Church Ladies gyrating along w/ Carmen. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Dahahahhahaha omg. I'd die of embarassment.

  5. I remember you talking about trying to do this video once or twice. Hilarious.


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