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Thursday, February 19, 2009

i don't like being annoyed

before i go off, i offer many, many thanks to everyone who provided such great advice about how to help poor mollydog. i'm doing some research and i think we're going to give crate training a shot. i hope it works - she does like to squeeze herself in tight spots and just chill there, so i have a feeling it may do the trick.

and now, a random, possibly cryptic vent - i don't do these often, because i much prefer looking at the bright side of things, but geez.

i really don't understand why people can be such douchebags. honestly - why can't folks just 'fess up and be honest, especially when we've bent over backwards to accommodate their every whim and help out? i guess that it's easier to just jump to conclusions, get defensive, and come out swinging, even when previous communication has been nothing but cordial.

i swear, whenever money is involved - whether you're dealing with someone you know or a complete stranger - people turn into total assholes who refuse to listen to reason or consider the other side, and won't even consider a compromise. it just seems like we play by the rules, go above and beyond in some situations, do everything we possibly can, and then we just get fucked. fucked in the ass. with no lube.

get some lube, people! LUBE! gah!


  1. Hee. The image of the sweet Wan being all mad is kind of funny to me. On a serious note, I hope whatever this is works out for you in the end. Hang in there, my friend!

  2. I think you'll have great luck with the crate training. Crates remind dogs of their instinct to remain in a den. My vet said for small dog sin particular, it works wonders and my own dog will lounge in her crate or run in there when she is scared, she loves it that much.

  3. Have you tried that His and Hers... :X

  4. I am sorry you are getting screwed, but I love the way you talk. You're very, um, descriptive!

  5. I really hope the crate training works for Mollydog! And re the lube screwing, yikes - whatever that is, I hope things work out. You're a good person so I'm hoping your karma weighs in your favor and things turn out ok.

  6. Hope everything works out for the best with the douchebags.

    Good luck with the crate training! I am optimistic that it will help out a lot.

  7. Well, I used a lube for the first time when I got constipated.....LOL!

    Seriously, money is such a devious subject and as much as possible, I'd rather be fucked by strangers over it than the ones I know. At least, you won't get to see them as much, if at all.

  8. Best of luck w/ the crate training. I know Molly will love it once she's used to being in there.

    Sucks about the person reaming you right now. I hate it when ppl do shit like that. You're screwed either way. As in the person you knew, you no longer wish to interact w/. I hope it'll work out in the end.

    [I hope this isn't me]

  9. I have a big ol' tube of KY we're not using...it would go perfect with the juicer!! :)

  10. Oh, sorry (seriously!!).

    Man I crack me up :)!! I know you are laughing on the inside.

  11. i hope the money situation gets itself all worked out :/

  12. Money makes people crazy. Hope the douches are leaving you alone ...


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