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Thursday, December 23, 2010

cookiepalooza, JLP-style

you guys really know how to make me feel special.  i so appreciate all of the lovely comments you left on yesterday's whiny, miserable post.  i've said it before - blogging is my therapy.  putting it out there helps me sort of cleanse myself of whatever is bugging me, and the sweet responses you give me are totally the icing on that cake.  thank you.

now, on to something just as sweet:  the junior league's cookie exchange.  my friend onesipkim graciously hosted it at her cute little shop, and even offered to donate a percentage of profits from sales that night to the league.  sweets, shopping, socializing - so full of win for all!

with everyone in the house booked that evening, i decided to take the bean with me (after checking in with OSK to make sure it would be okay, of course).  and since she had a cute little outfit that she hadn't gotten to wear to her preschool christmas program, i figured it was the perfect opportunity for her to rock it.

my little snow bunny.

when we got there, OSK greeted us happily and then handed the bean a late birthday present.  so sweet! and she was totally stoked, needless to say.

there were two cute books (which we've now read, oh, probably eleventy billion times) and an awesome hello kitty necklace that she's already promised to let me borrow.  heh.

and then it was time to get down to business.  there were tons of delicious cookies to choose from:

and even cute containers to pack them in.

i was pleased to find some savory offerings, too.

my kid was in seventh heaven.

she was so content with the sugar she put into her belly that she decided to take the "stage" - really, it was a couple of empty clothes display pieces next to each other - and entertained us with a few songs.

on my way out, i admired this fabulous dress yet again.

and, i left with my first official macaron order.  woohoo!  i love any excuse to make a batch of 'em.


  1. i absolutely LOVE that dress!! and in my favorite color

  2. While I'd never wear that dress (because, well, it's not black), I can totally picture you in it! It'd be so cute on you.

  3. that dress is really cute! and now i want cookies.


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