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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the father of all buns

haha, you could do so much with that post title.

i had an order of macarons and cookies to deliver to a customer who'd ordered them at the book signing at onesipkim a couple of weeks ago.  dragging the teen with me (to ensure lawful entry into the carpool lane, heh), i rewarded us with a trip to try something new.  my co-worker rock-ell2 told me about papparich a while ago, but i'd not had the chance to give it a shot.  and with the little bakery just steps away from my customer's condo, we headed over as soon as we dropped off the cookie order.

i really didn't have any idea what was so special about these things.  but when we stepped up to the counter to place an order, it was all right there in black and white.

i love mocha.  i love butter.  and i like waffles.  sold!  we ordered some to take home, added drinks to sip on as we waited, and looked around.

the teen's peach tea and my pink lemonade.  both were super delicious.

clutching the bag containing our treats, we stopped outside to take a couple more pictures before heading home.

luckily, there was zero traffic.  and the aroma of those fresh, sweet buns made our mouths water.  my car smelled so freaking good, i hope the scent lasts for awhile.  and although i chomped on a subway sandwich as soon as we got home, i made sure to leave room for dessert.  but i was good - the teen and i split one.

oh mah gah.  these things are ah-may-zing.  this could be bad.


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