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Friday, December 24, 2010

happy christmas!

i was such a slacker about our christmas cards this year.  oy vey - they didn't go out till 12/20.  that's the latest i've EVER sent them out.  and i totally went the lazy route (for me), too.  i just threw it together using photoshop, had a bunch of them printed, stuffed them in the envelopes, and mailed.  no ribbon, no rhinestones, no special embellishment on them whatsoever.  but i had zero time to elaborate, unlike years past.  oh, well.

hopefully all the folks that we sent the cards to have received them by now.  and for all of my invisible friends, i present the official Wan Christmas Card 2010 (i tried to make it special by capitalizing and errythang):

i hope santa brings you everything you asked him for.  a very happy, merry christmas from me to you!  


  1. haven't gotten ours yet! :(. but so cute!

    (and i like it better unembellished. no surprise. seriously, the typography and the cute photos are all you need!)

  2. Your card still looked great to me! Merry Christmas to the Wans! xoxo

  3. what a super cute card..love it!

    hope the wan's have a super fabulous christmas as well.


  4. Cute card! Merry x'mas to you and your family!

  5. I agree with tater.

    But, unlike our potato friend, I did receive my card already. :D


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