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Thursday, December 2, 2010

that barbie sure gets around

can you tell that i'm completely out of fun stuff to write about?  NaBloPoMo totally sucked ALL of the creativity outta me.  bah.

the bean has been having lots of fun with the barbie car she got for her birthday.  in fact, some of her other toys have gotten a kick out of it, too.

i can't even narrow down the multitude of totally inappropriate captions i've got for those photos.  that hair!  those facial expressions!  the plastic hands you can't see!

the bean thought it was pretty funny.  the toys, sillies, not the captions.

and these totally caught her eye at target.  i don't think i can quite handle barbies with interchangeable heads.

totally unrelated, super random: at gymnastics the week before thanksgiving, she earned her "feathers" by showing off her skillz during class.

and then didn't want to leave.

okay, i promise to come up with something more interesting tomorrow.  i hope.


  1. the i-don't-want-to-leave face is hilarity!!

  2. dude. interchangeable barbie heads? freaky shit. kind of...unhealthy? ewww. except it would be cool if you cut their hair and decided you wanted them to have long hair again. i remember when i cut my barbies' hair and was stuck with a pixie cut barbie and wanted her hair back. i can't believe i wrote this much about barbies.

  3. umm..interchangeable heads!!!say wha!!!! eww!!

    also the beans face - hilarious

    also also- i always knew barbie was a whore. and buzz's face goes perfect for where his hand is.. HA!!


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