wan-na find something?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wanna see something hilarious?

i submitted my twitter funny to that damnyouautocorrect site, and look:

i still crack up every time i think about it.  awesome.


  1. I saw this in their RSS and about fell over laughing. I am glad it was you who submitted it!!!

  2. I just took a break from writing a final exam for a class just to mention that I'm super glad you submitted it. I'm also happy that my time wasting sites have brought joy to others' lives :)

  3. the first day i stumbled onto that website, i was seriously holding onto my side laughing so effin hard.

    also..awesome that they posted it

    also also i totally freaken cracked up when you tweeted that, that day. LOL

    btw..did you eve get your laxa...err umm.. macarons? :)

  4. i <3 this site. so glad that made it on.


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