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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

keep on truckin'

so yeah, it will be a sad, sad day when i have to come here and report that i didn't fit into my dress anymore for the annual twirl.  i hope it's years and years till that happens.

and when it does, it'll all be due to my addiction to food.  ha!  last week, with the hub off on a one-nighter to vegas, MIL and i went to cal poly pomona to chase down the kogi bbq truck for dinner.

the line was pretty long, but i got lucky with a decent (even legal!) parking spot.  the bean was armed with her toy story-loaded iPhone, so she stayed in the car with MIL.  it was pretty chilly out there, and i thought it would be more comfy for them both.

i ended up waiting a total of about 45 minutes to order and get my food.  in the meantime, i made friends with fellow food truck chasers in line.  the lady behind me had brought her 9 and 6 year old kids, who sat in the car as they waited.  and she'd driven all the way from rancho cucamonga - "this is the farthest east they come, and it's so good!" she enthused.  wow.

and see - it IS cash only!

luckily, i had plenty of it on hand as we'd stopped at auntie M (ATM, duh) before coming.  and it really wasn't bad - for six tacos, an order of sliders, and dessert:

i was amazed at how quickly the employees in that tiny little space turned out food for one customer after another.

we took our grub home, stopping to grab some chicken nuggets for the non-taco-eating bean, and dug in.  short rib tacos:

spicy pork and chicken tacos:

kogi sliders (filled with short rib meat, so good).  these were my favorite:

their chocolate tres leches cake.  i still have it in the fridge, oops.

lastly, a sriracha chocolate bar.  it's got peanuts and gooey caramel in it, with a little kick that you get in the back of the throat as you eat it.  delish.

oh, and i ate my dinner on this:


i'm so glad MIL is always up for an adventure.  she loves trying new foods, has endless patience, and loves going along with my crazy schemes.  we both really enjoyed the eats, and i'm thinking she'll want to go again when they return to our area.  yay for food truckin'!


  1. dude! socal has the best tacos trucks. i'm muy jealous!!
    i was drooling throughout this post.

  2. I think it's awesome that you and your MIL get along so well, and can enjoy each other's company, even when the hub isn't around!

  3. Eat the tres leches cake!!! It's sooo delish.

  4. I really hope my hubby never sees this but...

    ...can we trade MIL's?


  5. You were at my old stomping ground :) The only thing I really love at kogi truck is the sliders. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well.

  6. still refuse to try this. plus i've never happened across it.


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