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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hello, cookies

i spent the weekend working on a plethora of cookies for several friends.  so much fun!

first up:  macarons for a sweet girl's first birthday party.  the party theme was pink and purple, so i got to play with my food coloring gels.  and since i had some batter left over, i decided to test my piping skills to see if i could make heart-shaped shells:

i think i'm finally over my frustrating baking setbacks, because they baked up quite nicely.

and while i was at it, i decided to go ahead and do all of the baking i needed to do for the weekend.  i let them all cool, divvied them up for each person i was baking for, and put them in the freezer.  this way, all i have to do is make and color the frosting and decorate.

i matched up the macaron shells, and called it a night.

the next day, after dropping the bean off at school, i busted out a quick vanilla bean buttercream and chocolate ganache to fill them.

they looked so pretty and festive in the box.

then i got to work on the baby face cookies for another friend.  borrowing sugarbelle's ideas again (see, i'm not really creative - i just copy other people's genius), i flooded them with a flesh-toned base coat and piped on the faces.

remember the beer macaron experiment?  i actually got to do two different versions for valentine's day requests - one with the belgian beer and another using some good ol' coors light.

last but not least, a bunch of cookies for the bean's valentine's day party at school.  i went a little lighter on the icing for these, because - well, let's face it.  they're 3.

such a sweet holiday!  hardy har har.


  1. not only do those look sooo darn good. they are super cute! my fave's are the baby faces..too cute!

  2. The macaroons are all so very pretty.


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