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Friday, February 4, 2011

the veronawan blog sale

so, i'm still doing the stella & dot thing.  i'm not as active as i wanted to be, but i'm really kind of an awful salesperson.  sort of.  i think i do a good job of talking up the products and helping to show off the cute stuff we have to offer, but i'm just not a great closer.  and i'm probably not as...well, how to put this?...pushy as i should be.  that's the last thing i want to be, but you get what i mean, right?

anyway, they revamp the line twice a year - spring and fall.  it seems like i just bought some of the new fall line to display at trunk shows, and all of a sudden the spring line is out already.  crap.  so i picked out some of the pieces i liked best and ordered some of the new catalogs, but i find myself with a number of pieces that aren't available anymore.  i can't show them anymore because they're out of stock, and i can't even wear all of the jewelry i have as it is.  i only have one neck, can only wear one pair of earrings at a time, and i don't even really get out all that much anyway.  plus, i never really learned how to style it as well as the other stella girls do - i still suck at it.  heh.

plus, with my upcoming FUN-employed status, i can't be spending any more money on sample jewels (as much as i want to, because i didn't get to order nearly as many of the fabulous new pieces as i would've liked).  so i'm just throwing this out there, in case anyone's interested - a blog sample sale, if you will.  don't smack me.  i've been putting this off for ages, but i got to thinking that the last blog sale i did went over pretty well, and i figure maybe some of you might like to scoop up some fun stuff.  these pieces are marked more than 50% off, have hardly (if ever) been worn, and i still have all of the original packaging, too.

this is the piece i wore most often at the trunk shows i did last spring/summer.  it's the "sayulita statement necklace," and it originally retailed for $178.  still in perfect condition, and perfect with a simple tank and jeans, or a pretty white dress.

price:  $60  SOLD!
the "byblos crystal chandelier necklace."  i literally wore this once - at our annual wan family photo shoot.  original retail $148, currently available on last-chance clearance for $111.

price:  $75

sorry that this is a supersmall picture, but because it's no longer available on the site, it's the best i got.  it's the "delia triple strand necklace," with glass pearls and smoky glass beads.  it's really pretty, and it was originally $98.

price:  $40  RESERVED!

this one is a super fun color - the "palm necklace with starfish brooch."  those are chartreuse glass beads on a turquoise silk thread, with a detachable pavé crystal brooch.  original retail $98, and was never worn.

price:  $40  SOLD!

i actually really liked this piece - the "cortez bib necklace."  it's made of chocolate-brown suede with hand-knotted glass beads, and ties in the back. i always got compliments when i wore it, and it really dresses up a plain tee or tank.  original retail $148.

price:  $50  SOLD!
this one is really similar to the sayulita necklace - the "st. tropez statement necklace."  silk-wrapped and hand-knotted beads attached to an ivory grosgrain ribbon adorned with swarovski crystals.  originally $178.

price:  $50  SOLD!

the "adele cuff" bracelet was super popular and was often on backorder.  original price $64.

price:  $25  RESERVED!

the "lily" ring is adjustable and fits ring sizes 5-9.  14K gold-plated band, originally $44.

price:  $15  RESERVED!

the "starfish earrings" are silver plated with surgical steel posts.  they go perfectly with the palm necklace, or any of the turquoise-y pieces in the line.  originally $34.

price:  $10  SOLD!

these are the "bloom flower charms" - a set of three hand-painted flower charms that would fit on any charm bracelet.  never worn, original retail $39.

price:  $10

the "sofia cluster ring (smoky)" is adjustable and fits ring sizes 5-9.  freshwater pearls and smoky glass beads, it goes perfectly with the delia triple stand necklace.

price:  $10  RESERVED!

the "uma silk wrap necklace" is a really pretty piece in my most favoritest color.  it's made of silk-covered beads and goes from light pink to hot pink.  originally $49, available on the site as a last-chance clearance item for $40.

price:  $15  SOLD!

the "uma flower" is a double-duty piece.  it's got both a pin and a hair clip on the back, and you can wear it as an accent to the uma necklace.  slightly frayed on the edges for a vintage-y look.  original price $39.

price:  $10  SOLD!

if you're interested in any of it, leave me a comment with your e-mail address or just drop me a note directly.  none of the prices i've listed are set in stone - i'd really love for someone to rock it instead of having it sitting around in my jewelry box. 

and if you'd like one of the new spring line catalogs, let me know.  you can always check out all of the goods on my website, and hey, if you want, order online too.  heh.

this concludes my completely selfish post created purely for personal gain.  thank you, g'night.

edited to add:  wow, you guys are on it.  if i'd have known you'd go crazy over this stuff, i'd have listed it weeks ago!  i'll post again soon as i'm finding other pieces available to sell.  yay!


  1. Ooh, I'd love the St. Tropez and/or Sayulita necklace!

  2. PALM NECKLACE IS MINE!! I've been stalking that necklace on e-bay for months :-X Please please please! I'll DM you my email address on twitter.

  3. I would like the Lily ring. My email is Ecollins78@aol.com. Thanks!

  4. The sayulita statement necklace is MINE!!!!!!!

    love it!!!

    Hit me up on facebook and we'll hook this up when we do the macaroons!

  5. I want the cuff bracelet and the cluster ring!! :)

    You know my addy.

  6. dang it - miss reading by one day and its ALL GONE!!! Hey i still have 2 pieces to get from you from hosting - I'll email you this week

  7. aw man.. I totally missed this one. You must do it again soon! I was actually going to ask you if the silver "Love" necklace is still available? I really like it and was hoping to find it on the website but, no luck. Thought I would ask.


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