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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hello, kitty

you guys, this hello kitty snuggie is sexy.  DEAD sex-ay.  i should've modeled the thing on the box.

you know i had to have some fun with it, because after all, it's a HELLO KITTY SNUGGIE.  with EARS and a BOW on the HOOD.  besides, i'd already lugged the tripod out to take this picture, so i figured i might as well take advantage.

of course, the stupid face had to make an appearance too.

i took these the very moment i busted that snuggie out of the box, and i'm half embarrassed and half stoked to report that i've spent almost every moment at home in it.

no, seriously.  it's gonna be really sad when the weather turns warm again and i'm forced to pack her away for the summer.  i'm already all deflated at the thought.

oh, and there's a few hours left to enter the cookie giveaway!  come on, you know you wanna.  besides, i'm dying to see if this round might get more comments than the last time.  yes, my competitive side is rearing its ugly head.  i'm competing against...uh, myself.



i heart comments. i wan-na hear what you have to say.
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