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Friday, February 25, 2011


my bloggin' love for jessica of "how sweet it is" continues.  i'd found her recipe for ginger lime shrimp and noodles, drooled all over the monitor at the pictures, and then came across a vanilla lime pound cake.  oh, my.

so, um, duh.  too bad i have a lemon tree and not a lime one.  and the limes i thought i had in the kitchen were old and crusty. the obvious answer to this was to head right out to the grocery store and pick up the necessary ingredients to make dinner all around these recipes.

and only three limes gave their lives to satisfy my craving for this meal.

thank god for my microplane zester.  that thing comes in handy for all sorts of tasks.

i threw together the marinade, tossed it in a ziploc bag, peeled the shrimp (SO gross, but so worth it), and stuck it in the fridge to coagulate.  mixing the batter for the pound cake was super easy, although i didn't have any room temperature butter to work with.  i just cut the sticks into pieces and let my kitchenaid beat the shit out of it until it was good to go.  my batter was a little lumpy looking, but i figured it was all good - it melts in the oven, right?

53.5 minutes later, i pulled out a perfectly golden, super fragrant nugget of citrusy goodness.  when it was completely cool, i whipped up the glaze and poured it on top.

the rest of the main course was easy to make, and the hub sniffed appreciatively as i plated it and put it in front of him.

the pound cake made a perfect dessert.  you MUST make this.  all of it.  really.  and you can thank me later.  or jessica, since it was all her idea.

i'm all about giving credit where it's due.

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