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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

me? stylish?

haha, i'm glad someone thinks so!

i got an e-mail last week from lyndsay of "this ordinary life," who thought enough of me to give me this:

thank you, lyndsay!  so sweet.

so then, after i got done laughing my ass off over the idea of me being "stylish," i figured i'd better get my thinking cap on to be able to follow the rules of the award:

1.  thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.  check.
2.  share 7 things about yourself.  shit.  how on earth will i think of that many things about me that you don't already know?
3.  award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.  this will be easy - i've been fangirling over tons of cookie/baking and sewing and crafty blogs lately.
4.  contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.  easy peasy.  i just hope they don't think i'm a freaky stalker afterwards.

okay, so now - 7 things about me.  somehow i'm thinking these will be super lame and/or stuff i've talked about before, but here goes:

1.  i'm a lot more conservative than most of my friends, or that i let on.  before meeting the hub, i never really realized this about myself, but it's true.  and hopefully my friends will keep on being my friends, heh.

2.  when i was little, i wanted to be a doctor.  then when i found out i'd have to see real, live, actual blood, i decided it'd be way more fun to be a soap opera writer.  you can see that i ended up being neither of those things.

3.  i probably change my clothes an average of 2-3 times before leaving to meet up with friends or heading to a junior league meeting.  pretty much anytime i'm going to be hanging out with a bunch of chicks, i'm super conscious of what i wear, what my hair and makeup look like, which accessories i put on.  miss insecurity, that's me.  dear god, that is so super lame.

4.  i crashed my car about a month after i got my driver's license.  it was a red 1981 toyota corolla hatchback, and i managed to total the damn thing.  i was heading to mcdonald's to get some fries after hitting up the library, and i still remember my glasses flying off my face at the moment of impact and the stack of books i'd just borrowed tumbling to the floor.  and then the old lady whose giant cadillac i'd hit (and hardly damaged) gave me a ride home.  the end.

5.  i don't like lettuce in sandwiches.  i like salads just fine, but lettuce in sandwiches is just icky.

6.  i'm petrified of insects - pretty much all of them.  when it was just me and the teen in an apartment way back when, every time there was a bug to kill i just scooped her up and left for a few hours.  yeah, that's how lame i am.

7.  i can't do spicy food.  i'm a total wuss when it comes to eating anything more than "mild."  my mouth burns, i start sweating, and i require water.  tons and tons of water.

wow, those were super duper pathetic.  but it's all i could come up with.  lyndsay may very well take her award back, and i wouldn't blame her.

so, here are the bloggers i'm passing this award to - in no particular order:

made by rae.  i love rae.  she's so creative, shares some awesome tutorials and patterns (for free!), and is just a sweetheart.

dana made it.  if i'm not mistaken, she and rae are sisters.  and so everything i said about rae goes for dana as well.

bake at 350.  bridget is one of my biggest cookie heroines.  she's just amazing, and if i had a tiny fraction of the talent she has, i'd be doing pretty darn well.

the sweet adventures of sugarbelle.  like bridget, callye is a fantastic cookier (yes, it's a word) who turns out some pretty freaking gorgeous nibbles.  i have trouble eating my own amateurish creations - i can only imagine how hard it would be to snack on the works of art she produces.

how about orange.  jessica is a fabric designer and an all-around fabulous chick.  she comes up with some of the most original ideas, and i dig her.

rants and craves.  i'm happy to actually know dailygluttony in "real life" and not just online.  she's really sweet and is a fantastic mom, food blogger, and photographer.

such pretty things.  jessica loves all things girly and pastel-y - like me, heh.  although she finds beauty in unexpected places, which is really cool.  she points out stuff i wouldn't have even given a second glance to.

confessions of a feminist golddigger.  i don't think i could hand out "stylish blogger" awards and not include FGD.  i haven't seen her in person in ages and i miss her, but at least social networking keeps us in touch somewhat.

party paper wrap/cordially invited.  yvette is a cool chick who owns the kind of shop i'd love to open one day.  she always has really fun stuff in stock, with an eye out for the next neat thing.  plus, she's just a really sweet person.

i am baker.  some of the stuff i've found in this blog is just out of this world.  amanda comes up with some of the most incredible ideas using cookies and cake, and i've bookmarked so many of her posts for future use.  don't know if i'll be able to get to them (or even have any success when i try), but in the meantime, it's fun watching her go at it.

the decorated cookie.  this is the blog that i got the idea from for those thanksgiving place card cookies i did this year.  meaghan is a real artist, and published a book on cookie decorating that i wish i could get my hands on.  it seems to be out of print, but maybe i can find a used copy.

the selfish seamstress.  elaine's sewing skillz are about a gazillion times better than mine, and she writes the most wickedly amusing posts.  she hasn't blogged in a while since she moved, but i'm hoping she returns to the blogosphere soon.

sweetapolita.  yes, another baking blog.  sue me.  but rosie is so cute, and makes really fun stuff - and usually shares how she did it.  i love blogs with lots of tutorials, and this is definitely one of them.

noodlehead.  there are some great sewing tutorials here too, and anna uses really pretty fabrics on her projects.  it's fun to see what she's working on, and she takes beautiful photos of it all.

from head to toe.  last but not least, this is a blog i just discovered this weekend while surfing youtube for makeup tutorials.  i'm trying to figure out how the hell to use the "naked" eyeshadow palette i have, and i stumbled across one of jen's helpful videos.  she's totally one of those asian chicks i wish i could hate for being so cute.  i hope i don't get in trouble for saying that.

phew.  that was tough.  i was trying not to include my personal friends (even though i still snuck a couple in there), because i mention them a lot here anyway.  i wanted to throw out a bunch of new-ish blogs that i've been perusing lately, in case you find something that catches your attention amongst them all.

now, i hope none of these folks will want to smack me upside the head when they get the award e-mail.  or obtain a restraining order.  heh.


  1. Don't kid yourself. We all know you're conservative. :P

  2. I would never take the award back! You did great! :)

  3. Awwww, thanks Wan! Of course I'm just getting to reading this post now, and I hardly update my own blog which means I prolly won't get around to posting this til...2013. But I am honored! :)


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