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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cutest cookies EVER

wow, easter really snuck up on me this year.  maybe it was because the teen had spring break so stinking early, but i was so thrown off schedule that i never even got around to buying easter-shaped cookie cutters.

and so the day before the bean's easter party at school, i found myself wandering the aisles of michael's and joann's looking for something suitable.  i'd signed up to bring cookies and juice boxes, which i figured would be fun practice for me.  i really wanted an egg-shaped cutter, but ended up settling for a bunny instead.  my goal was to make cute little chick cookies like the ones i found on another blog, but i decided that i could still get the same result even if i used a circle instead.

mixing up the dough and rolling it out is pretty much second nature by now.  and i was pretty stoked to finally use up the last of this giant bottle of vanilla extract.  i've had it for ages (i'm talking YEARS here. thank goodness it's alcohol-based and never expires) and have packed and unpacked it during about half a dozen different moves.  heh.

and i managed to score these bakery emulsions at ross, of all places - for a fraction of the cost i've seen them online for.  these are super duper concentrated flavors, even more so than regular extracts you find at the grocery store.

i was kind of bitter when i started moving the baked bunny cookies from the silpat to my cooling rack, because i didn't wait long enough (such an impatient mofo, i am) and ended up snapping off an ear.

although it ended up okay, because i used it for test purposes - trying out the face and outlining the ear to see if i liked how it looked.

aren't they cute?

my little chicks turned out really well, too.

since the bunnies were rather big - like almost 6" tall! - i decided to wrap them up and give them to the kids in the bean's class as a take-home.  maybe they could share it with a sibling or their parents or something.

i'll have to remember to hit up the craft stores for cutters waaaaay in advance from now on.  lesson learned.


  1. Those cookies were AMAZEBALLS. So yummy!

  2. They were SO delicious too. I'm not a sweets person and I ate all of them. What? They weren't for me?

  3. your cookies are looking quite professional!

  4. LOVE the chicks and how they're just scallop-edged circles without the frosting work. so cute.

  5. The after-Easter sales this week might be a good time to pick some cutters up on-line!

    P.S. Both cookies are SOOO cute, but I especially love the chicks, 'cause everyone has a circle cutter or just a plain old glass they could use for those (when we're all trying our darndest to be like you!).

  6. You are getting silly good as this cookie decorating shizz! ;)


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