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Monday, April 11, 2011


you guys, i am too damn old for all of the activity i put my body through this weekend.

a quick recap:

friday - took the bean to school.  teen came home.  got nails and brows done.  picked up bean.  drove 20ish miles for more burrata.  dropped burrata off at lilcee's office.  grabbed lunch.  went home to get bean down for nap.  ran out for more party supplies.  baked and decorated about a gazillion cookies.  did a batch of vegan peanut butter cups.  went to bed around 2AM.

saturday - got up at 5:30 to buy fresh flowers at the l.a. flower mart.  came home and did more party prep.  got hair did for junior league ball.  made more party stuff.  did makeup, got dressed, and drove to ball.  worked at the drink tickets table for five hours.  dragged tired ass home.

sunday - up at 8.  ran around like a chicken with its head cut off for 6.5 straight hours getting house ready for shower.  took shower, got dressed, and ran back out to start greeting guests and finish putting food out.  hostessed for four hours.  cleaned and washed dishes.  fell into bed.

i have a ton of pictures to share, but i lack the energy to blog them right now.  bah! 

on top of it, the bean is running a fever and isn't in the mood to let me do anything but cuddle.  catch y'all tomorrow, yeah?


  1. i am tired just reading that. Tks again for dropping off the burrata. It was fantastically droolworthy delish.


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