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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

we're on TV!

okay, so the episode of "extra" with the "general hospital" guys that the bean and i watched live aired on monday.  i set the DVRs in the house to record, and then ended up watching it online.

besides, that way i could watch it in slo-mo and maybe do a screen capture if i spied us onscreen.  and although you can hardly see us, i spotted the bean in her bright red shirt as the camera panned over us from up above:

yeah, i made the pictures extra big because we're extra tiny in them.  heh.

and if you want to see the whole clip, it's right here:

this concludes my 2.75 nanoseconds of fame.  however, my love for steve burton, the port chuck band, and the rest of general hospital - that's forever.


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