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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

showering is fun

especially when it's for one of the SFAMily.

if you've been reading my blog for a while, maybe you'll remember my dear friend r and the awful loss she suffered last year.  and then at this year's holiday hoorah, we all squealed and cried when she announced that she was pregnant again.

so it was quite a joyous day for us when we all got together a couple of weeks ago to throw her a wonderful shower.  it was so great to see her walk in, all glowy and beautiful.

after the round of hugs, she stopped to give the resident pooch a little lovin' too.

it was cool to watch her take in all of the decorations and fun stuff, including this awesome clothesline created by our friend amber.

if you know amber, you'll have probably guessed that she sewed up that adorable shirt and matching pants.  i should just talk her into giving me lessons one day.

lilcee had made some runners for the table and did an early morning run downtown for flowers at the wholesale flower mart.

of course, i'd done cookies and macarons.  plus, i'd gone back out to gioia cheese co. and bought some burrata for the occasion.

as always, there was lots and lots of delicious grub.

having skipped breakfast, i was excited to load up a plate.

as we usually do, we took individual pictures, printed them out, and did little cards to make a scrapbook for r.  the shots look like school portraits, huh?

we dragged weatherjen's hubby out to take a group shot.  come on, you knew it was coming.

so excited to meet r's baby boy in a few weeks!


  1. aw, looks like you had a great time! and I'm uber-impressed at the set up.

    congrats, R!

  2. I think you should doctor up a photo of me for the last school photo sliver. LOL.

    Congrats to R! Sad to have missed this!

  3. R looked fabulous that day. Great job on setting up. I am still dreaming of the burrata and your sugar cookies.

  4. So excited about R's baby! Can't wait to finally meet him.

  5. Ah man, this was a fun day! All the decor and food stuff came together so well. We rock! :)


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