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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

celebrate, good time, come on

for the last few preschool parties, i'd gotten lucky and slid through with super easy contributions, like paper goods, tablecloths, and other worry-free items.  but for the christmas party, my luck ran out - they must've put the signup sheet out on one of the bean's off days.  because by the time i got to it, everything had already been spoken for except the dreaded goody bags.  24 of 'em.  bah!

between trips to the dollar store, target, and the grocery store, i managed to cobble together a fairly decent selection of stuff that didn't involve too much candy.  i always appreciate when she's sent home with bags that aren't stuffed to the gills with sugary treats, so i thought i'd pay it forward.

well, now, i didn't say i left it out altogether!  besides, what's a goody bag without, well, a few goodies?

the bean is at that age where she wants to help with everything.  and i figured she'd take some pride in having had a hand in the assembly of the fun stuff for her classmates.  so after her bath, i set up a workstation for us to get it done together.  she was quite appreciative and excited to get started.  can you tell?

it didn't take long, and she had a lot of fun inspecting every item before dropping it into the bags.  when all was said and done, we'd put together a nice little giveaway.

when i arrived to pick her up after school that day, i was amused to find her still sitting in her seat, thoroughly enjoying a cupcake.  like her mother, she seems to always be the last one at the table still eating.  heh.

not surprisingly, she'd already powered through the layer of frosting - but unlike her usual routine, she was actually eating the cake beneath.  i got her to take this mid-chew.

on our way out, she stopped to give her little friend a big hug...goodbye.  sadly, it was her last day at school as her mom had lost her job.  such a bummer for the bean, who'd become pretty tight with her.

only four more days till christmas!  yikes.

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