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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

getting her nails did

as an early christmas gift to us, MIL decided to take me, the teen, the bean and rock-ell to get our nails done on christmas eve eve.  yeah, it sounds more fun than "two days before christmas."

and yes, you read that right - the bean actually came along for her very first real mani/pedi!  her sister has done her nails for her tons of times, but this was different.  she was excited to go in and pick out a nail polish, and it was fun to see the big ol' smile on her face.

of course, because it was so close to the holiday, the place was packed.  we picked the one salon in town that always has a shitton of staff, but they were pretty stinking busy.  after waiting about fifteen minutes, chicks finally vacated some of the spa chairs and one by one we were called up for our treatments.  the bean, having spent most of the waiting time with her grandma, decided to come over and share my chair with me.  she thought it was great fun to stick her toes in the warm blue water.  a bubble bath for her feet, she said it was.

it was fun to watch her sit so still and watch so carefully as the lady got to work on her fingers.

white polka dots to go with my purple polish?  why, yes, please.

she didn't understand this at all.  "mommy, why is she putting tissue in my toes?" she wanted to know.

but she was stoked when it was all done.  and it was comical to watch her preen as the lady told her over and over how cute she was.  heh.

i fear we may have created a monster.

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